How long will it take


For Moerman’s competitors to come out with their own versions of the Liquidator?

If they do, will you buy them?


I am a huge fan of Sorbo. We shall see if they come out with something. I like the aluminum channels like they are already. Lightweight and the rubber is so smooth


Humm, I don’t think they will. Ettore and Unger have the facilities market cornered and that’s their real money maker. The margins just aren’t that good on handles and channels. So why bother changing the line? And compared to facilities, pro window cleaners are a smaller market.

Boabs can be profitable (that’s why I’m making one and not a new handle) and pretty much everything else is slim in the margin but who cares? They’ve got the volume to do it. I don’t know that sorbo has the volume to affect the change in his line.

I was worried that someone might steal my boab once I released it but I’m getting the feeling that the big companies just aren’t fast movers and/or don’t care about innovation. Moerman does because they’re trying to capture a larger share of the market from ettore and unger. I’ve got ideas on pole handles, squeegee handles, and bags that I’m pretty much giving to moerman. Maybe they might kick something back to me one day, but I’m not going to hold my breath.


Thinking it through to bring a boab or squeegee handle to the market i would think the choice is a handle.

More competition with a handle but even a solo operator has many.

How many boabs does a solo guy have?


Ask sorbo. He does handles and channels and had some serious problems a while back.

Naw when you consider the assembly and parts involved with a handle it just doesn’t make sense for me. Moerman and others have the assembly and parts and sources for that but you still need China to assemble them in other to sell them at $20.

I can do a boab here in the states but not a handle.


Sörbo could conceivably come up with some new end plugs for the Cobra channel without retooling the whole line


Sure you never know until you try a new tool if you’ll like it or not.


I thought you where a standard channel guy?

You had that custom cut channel set up that was/is so sweet! I though it was so slick Chad!

Just curious if you switched all your channels to Sorbo?


I only use the lightweight Sorbo aluminum channels now. They have worked really well for me.