How is everyone


Sounds like the midwest in parts is having nice weather.

busy season oh so close. Figure 2 more weeks for us and we’ll be humming along.


Communicated with my residentials today to start setting up for the spring. One customer that was just a small guesthouse last year has 4 houses booked for this year. Which is nice timing as I am going to Puerto Rico for a couple of weeks in March/April for relief work from the hurricane.

Since it was the first nice Saturday in a long time, took the wife on a nice ride on the motorcycle that I picked up as a winter project. Was just going to fix and sell, but I fell in love with it. We actually bid a job while around the lake today - nice mix of business and pleasure.


Same here @TexasRich, was working on this bike and weather got so nice, took it for a ride and now I’m gonna keep her. Check out this statue someone built along my favorite ride. It’s called the Walden loop, in northern Colorado. Amazing ride.


Very nice. Is that the 1200 or 883?

Currently finishing a Vstar 1100 Classic that I bought from a neighbor that stored it in a barn and never had time to ride it. Few final adjustments on the carbs and it’ll go up for sale. I’m desperate to do a quality bobber project next.


It’s the 1200, man that’s a good barn find! you ever ride up this way? I though about riding down there sometime this year.


Never even been to Colorado but would love to see it from any vehicle. My area is good enough because of the rural roads and hills of east Texas, but the real area to go is the Hill Country - Austin, Fredericksburg, New Braunfels. Quality riding down there. And if you spend any time in Austin you can play my favorite new game as you spy out the locals - Homeless or Hipster? It’s more challenging than you think!


Spring season kicks off March 15 on the eastside of the mountains.

Calls are starting to trickle in.

This coming week and the following week are full with residentail and route work.


We just got a freshold light blanket of snow :frowning:


Bike would be perfect for canvassing, Can’t beat the fuel economy.

Just throw your bucket handle over the back seat rest and you’re ready to roll. :wink:


Whats your favorite BOAB, Bob?


I made my own.




Cool beard, btw. We need more of that in the industry. Just no Savior-complexes, know whatta mean?


To each his own, it’s all good.

My BOAB is a work in progress.
I should have said, I am making my own.
I am just getting my Window Cleaning Business started.
Maybe I can post some pictures later of the set up that I am putting together.

I just picked this forum name because it is classic, but I am a complete noob at window cleaning.
That is why I am here at this forum in an effort to learn more about the trade.

I have a bad back, and am hoping I can do this now, because I cannot do what I used to do.

Anyway, not trying to hijack this thread, so I will make my own thread when I post some pictures for you,


Hey Rock! How’s the riding and your project? Getting hot here. Thought you’d like the latest barn find - 2001 Nomad.

99,500 miles on it. Old guy rode until he had a stroke and couldn’t ride anymore. He said he rode in every State. I thought he might be exaggerating, but found maps of Alaska and Western Canada in the saddlebags. Picked up for 600.00


So that is YOU. I saw this on another forum. I have a Nomad also. Nice find…I’ll see ya over there. :sunglasses:


Right on! Vulcanbaggers? Great group. They’ve really helped get through the last few projects.
Stay tuned because I found a first year Drifter in a barn last week. Hopefully in my shop within a week…




man thats a good find bro! i put a lift kit on my harley and removed the baffels. been burning rubber every chance i get. its beautiful here right now also. i hope all is well bro.


@Rockward @LoveGlass. Hey guys. Thought you’d like the latest barn resurrection. 2000 Drifter. Found it stored in a guys barn and spent the summer getting it back together. Not as big as the Nomad, but an absolute hoot to ride. Hope y’all are getting some wind therapy in this summer.