How is ever ones April going compared to years past?


Better, some repeats, referrals and winter marketing getting actioned now.


My April has been great. Booked 10-5 every day so far for a couple weeks just me and/or my teacher friend. He works Saturdays or Sundays if he wants to for some extra cash until the busy season. I figure as long I can land a couple houses a day, I’m fine. Blind cleaning has been such an incredible marketing tool to obtain window cleaning/blind cleaning combos. I market for the blinds mostly now and have cut back a lot from what I have spent on google Adwords in the past for window cleaning. It’s because blind cleaning isn’t competitive so my cost per click is low. There are over 20 window cleaning ads right now where I live rotating in and out at $4-5 per click. way too much money at $500 average per month. I figure that if I get people who want to clean their blinds calling me, they more than likely have the money to get their windows cleaned because window cleaning is cheaper, usually. Easy up sell. I’m not exaggerating when I say that I have been converting around 90% of my blind cleaning customers to blind and window cleaning combos. A house never takes us more than a day and our system is just dialed in right now.

I will report back on the progress of my spot in the local money saver. sent out to 120,000 homes for 3 month exposure at $575.


Started running a single Facebook Ad and Google AdWords ad. Nothing has really come off of that. $10/day. Nothing too crazy.

We’re hooked up with a couple on demand home service apps. They bring in 95% of my residential business.

We have commercial customers and residental customers

April 1 - 7 we did $1800
April 8 - 15 we did just over $4000 (my first ever $4K week)

I’m super lean right now. Just me and 2 new guys. I am waiting on my core guys to finish up their exams on the 21st so that I can fully train them and equip them 100%. Then throw them on a route May 1. If I can pump out a nice $800-$1200 profit/week off of that crew for 5-6 months that would be huge for the business!

Last April I think I did $4000 in total. So I’m up already. :pray:t6:

Last year we did ~120 homes. This year I want to try and hit 400.


thanks for all the great responses