How is ever ones April going compared to years past?


Although I don’t usually do much work January through March, I had my best first quarter ever. I can attribute it to a couple commercial jobs wanting to increase frequency and the fact we had some hellacious wind here in March and a lot of my regulars were desperate to have them cleaned before spring. April is going awesome so far, have closed on some new accounts that will definitely be some repeat customers and they have been asking for cards to hand out to friends. With low oil prices, I’m surprised how much new business I have attained in the last two years. Makes no sense but there are people that have money to spend. I even raised my hourly rate to $70 and have even landed a few in the $90-$100/hr range.


Wait… what is “Amazon Services”?


Amazon is getting into the Service industry as a middle man.
You go through a background check, and then Amazon clients(prime members, credit card members, etc,) can look for services through Amazon and get estimates. Kind of like Thumbtack.
You don’t pay for credits. Amazon charges a 20% fee. But I raise the prices on Amazon jobs to compensate for that.


so amazon only get 20% of the job, no sighn up fees or anything?

do you get a back link to them at all?



doubled our sales in march from last year… April has been full of rain and we are going to be 10-15% up from last years april… which is kinda meh…


@IronLionZion is so busy he hired me to type this.


I’ve never taken to this argument before - there really isn’t much dirt on the glass compared to the house and siding above it, the sills, and run off from the roof.

They may still cleaner for a tad bit longer, but rain will still dirty them up (especially if they are prominently placed on an aspect of the home exposed to rain/snow.

If anything, explaining to the customer that it’s the dirt and grime on the home that dirty’s the windows give an opportunity to pitch power washing the home.

Just a thought.


we do, still over half just want to wait until the rain is over and honestly i don’t feel like working in the rain.


that’s abhorant


Window cleaners are born and bread to work in the rain!Man up!!!


Rain doesn’t dirty windows


Hmmm it doesn’t help the situation with dust and all kinds of crap floating around.personally when i see rain i just see gold!!



Rain, by itself, will not dirty the windows, you are right. But if you read my post and understood the context of what I was saying, you will agree that rain causes run-off from existing dirt and debris on the siding, frames, and sills that cause the windows to become dirty.

But thanks for taking action to correct my flawed comment, taken out of context!


no sign up fees
I got an email invite from them.


Your welcome


as usual… scheduled nearly 7 days a week into mid August.


Dead on balls accurate to the day (last 5 years)



it’s not manning up to work in the rain, one of the benefits of being the owner is if i don’t feel like being soaking wet all day, i don’t have to be. been there and done that this winter, i’m through for a year.


Ha ha i dont mean torrential rain…that would be madness.once you have a good jacket/coat you re pretty much good to go!!


Its going to be a worse April then last year for me. Had snow last week and a lot of rain this week. My May is looking good though.