How is 2018 so far?


How has the first 27 days of 2018 treated you?
We only have 3 days left in the first month of 2018! Make them count and finish strong!!


Pretty good not really bad.


2018 has been great so far- just finished a $9k job that took a week. Hope the rest of the year maintains the momentum.



10x what last January was…


Above last January, but not by much. Next month is starting to fill up nicely though.


Slower but consistent I suppose. Been using the extra time to fix and flip a couple of motorcycles that I picked up. Looking forward to a little pick up soon. Will still be a better year tho.


I had a week off…

I’m f’king ecstatic!!!


Which (frustratingly) goes to show… regularly scheduled jobs are a MUST
(Id rather have TWO weeks off) lol


Slow but picking up. February is starting to get a lot of bookings as most my cleanings accrued in July-sept. Looking forward to this year! Will be the best year yet no matter!


Jan for us ends our calendar year and season.

Today our space is converted back into Spring/Summer services, tools checked in and out, tons of things.

Sales up strong due to adding 50 lighting displays.

Office staff has traction on projects but never seems to be enough traction for me to feel satisfied or comfortable with progress.


Being North its the Slow season That being said im grabbing an avg of 5 new route accounts per week since Dec 2017 and the start of the year. Many from them just seeing me working no matter what same day same time etc. They keep saying the other Co shows up when they want :smirk:.

Now to the new problem scheduling them so I have time when the Residential season opens up. But Ill take that problem any day.


I schedule my residential around my store fronts. Especially as I tend to pick up more storefronts. My SF are on a weekly or bi weekly basis. My residential are once a year… typically they don’t care when you wash them, just do it lol.