How important is to have your business name before you take on work


I was wondering what your thought are on this subject in the title. I have been trying to pick a good name but a lot of the ideas I have thought of where not so original.

Anyway I wanted to start making general business cards made so I can start networking in a professional manner. I read on the forum that some of you have changed name before. I was wondering if I should wait to get a name, or just have made and go with it.



If you are in a more rural area, have the cards made with your name on them. Don’t worry about a business name. I have found that in my experience as a newb in a rural area, your personal name attracts a lot more attention since the community is so much more tight-knit.

If you are in an Urban area, an actual business name is preferable, I think. You could still use your last name as the business name, but in a city environment where work is less personal, your business name will be what people recognize, not you.

So, in short:
If you are rural, just print cards with your name on them.
If you are urban, a business name is preferred, but not required. Just check your state’s business registry to make sure you aren’t using a name that has already been taken.


Really no reason not to have a business name when starting, may be over thinking it.

It can become a hassle to change name/dba with insurance, taxes and records.

Make it easier on yourself and get a name from start. You will have more pressing issue’s to deal with like finding work.


A name is important. That’s what your customers are going to google search and refer you by. I would not put your name in the company name. Don’t worry about using an already used name as long as there not with in the same county. This comes from experience. Also remember there’s a good chance that other company won’t stick around for too long.


Lucky Window Cleaning. “Dont just get your windows cleaned, get Lucky!!”

Now am I saying hire you or am I being sexual? THAT is the question :grin::joy:


Depending on your local laws, a dba may be required to open a business bank account. Without the business acccount, it will be impossible to deposit a check written to your business name. So it all has to come together simultaneously.

For that reason, I would take the time to come up with the name you wish to use, register in that name and get bank accounts set up for in that name as well.

Sometimes skipping an early step can bog you down later in the process.


You said there were franchises in your area? Just call yourself Crawfish window cleaning and get to work.


Sorry was gone for a bit today running around.

Lol GlassMD, love the humor. So being from Ireland I was nice name Lucky.

Here is some names I was thinking. And by the way thank you all for a giving me some valuable insight.

Luckys windows and gutters
Orion windows and gutters
ICLEAN windows
SOCLEAN windows.

What do you guys think about these name or would you recommend something else. I don’t want to spent to much time on this I want to get moving but appreciate any feedback.

Thank you all.


Just remember that you need to plan the end game in the beginning.

Plan to sell your business as a whole some day? Don’t name it after yourself. Makes it a lot tougher to sell.