How important is a logo and apparel


Just getting into my business. Ive been operating since May this year. My question involves creating a company logo and using it to get shirts. So when I go door to door im usually just in a t-shirt and shorts but I feel if I get a shirt with a logo on it as well as maybe a hat I could pose as a “bigger” business and just get a better close rate on door knocking. I also just ordered some truck magnets as well so hopefully that helps.

I just think having a professional image would really help to get a close rate on door to door knocking rather than a t-shirt. Im pretty curious about this topic.


I use Vistaprint shirts. I plan on getting a logo at some point, but Vistaprint has been cheaper so far. I paid, with discount, about 15 to $20 a shirt plus shipping for their basic shirt, and about 45 for a Dri-Fit that’s a promotional products site linked through them as I’ve grown, but the cheaper one works for starters . They have a set of logos, and you can put your name on them. I’ve had many compliments on my shirts and my business cards from them, and no one’s ever looked at me like I was unprofessional or less because of those. I’ve always had a polo, and I feel like it helps to give a better business image. This is not meant as an insult to you in any way, but when I see window cleaners in a t-shirt I always think of a more Bucket Bob image than a professional window cleaner. I personally also use khaki shorts instead of gym shorts or jeans or something like that. I like the synthetic material instead of natural because I feel like it resists stains better too, which helps with a long-term consistent image. I also try and have a clean but rather generic haircut so people don’t have to think about whether they like my hair or my shirt or my shorts or anything about me but rather they can focus on my face in my sales pitch and that to me removes obstacles to closing a sale.

Most importantly, and you probably already know this, but having a smile and being confident and having that confidence in your eyes and being pleasant will go miles beyond almost any other marketing because people will feel safe with you and will also be happy to refer you after you’ve done a great job on their property.


Simply put, YES your image matters. It’s what you project to everyone, not just your customers.


I was just talking about this yesterday. If I had to do it all over, I’d have everything done professionally right off the bat. Of course that’s only possible if you can come up with the capital and it seems window cleaning is one of those businesses where people usually are starting with very little. Just make everything as professional looking as you can afford.

I used truck magnets my first few years but decided to get the truck professionally done with vinyl this year. What a difference! It went from looking ok, but kind of freelancer to LEGIT. Worth it and I wish I had done that from the start.

When you look professional and you know it, it gives you the confidence to charge professional prices too.


I totally agree! Ive looked into a lot of different places for shirts and vista seems like the way to go right now. Moat places require a minimum purchase amount and i dont have that much cash to purchase 6-12 shirts right now lol. My cousin and i were able to create our own logo in about 4 hours thats now all over our website. So im excited to get a few shirts. We have business cards and door magnets on the way with matching logos.

I think were going to goodwill again to look for some kachis. I appreciate the advice!


I think acting professional and confident is what has already gotten me my work. It felt like luck just grabbed me up in my first month in June. July is when all the calls stopped coming in and im itching for some more work now. Thats why i think these shirts will help. The more i wear them the more i promote my own brand just walking around. And yes, the professional look knocking on doors. I know im getting better feedback just walking around with my cousin rather than by myself. We actually get at least a bid everyday we go door knocking right now. Even if we only walk for 10-20 minutes because of rain.

Thank you for the replies!


Love goodwill! Not all goodwills have good shoes, but that is also a great buy if you can find them. We go through too many to not try and find deals. That said, if I had too I would buy them new if I couldn’t find good looking and comfortable ones used.


Door to door is bad enough, let alone in no uniform!

I also wish I could have gone fully pro looking but a logo and Tshirt is a must. I had that before my first job.

I use Vistaprint for my shirts and you can find a logo maker for 25-30 bucks for a quick cheap one. Or try Fiver. Anything is better than nothing.

Good luck!


Either start off by doing it really cheap … if you don’t have the money. Cheap logo IE: Fiver Cheap Vechile graphics IE: Magnets ,

or spend An have a professional do it the right way the first time.

IE: 250-500 for a logo by a professional graphic designer that has a portfolio , a professional wrap guy that has a shop with designers working for him ,an installers. Not the sign shop guy that does signs.

Can you he successfull with out all this stuff … yes you can . Is it it very important ! …to me putting out a professional image wasimportant . I really believe it helps, but everything didn’t happen over night for me . It takes time , An I wasted a lot of money using a bunch of losers… unprofessional bucket bobs so to speak, An some con artist along the way that deserve a beating , but past that stage. So becarful who you chose to do your stuff. A lot of scum bags out there.

An remember , anyone that’s searching you out … Hang up , delete there email never use them. You need to do the seaardhing. Good graphic designers , good web designers , and whatnot don’t call you you call them.


GlassMD, yes i agree. Of all my door knocking so far i have only landed one job from it. everything else is from an app i have been using. and that alone got me a whole month worth of work. Google got me a job today! but yes I really think im getting a shirt asap. i have more traffic coming in already and i upped my google adwords budget a bit. so hopefully i start to get some traffic.

Majestic66, my cousin and i actually created our own logo. we have technology experience from our highschool and a bit of college. my cousin that helps me run the business is real savvy in digital design. Took us about 4 hours to create a really good looking logo and were going to use it to get a 3d embroidery file from a place local that charges a good price. As for the wrap…yea. i have a while before i can get that. but next year after i get something other than my beater truck ill get a nice wrap.

thank you all for the info its been helpful. Im sure my question was a no-brainer but its nice to get some feedback from the community.

BTW i also got my first job today with our minimum that we set. And i feel we provided the client with a better job than she expected! Life is good.


I bought a client list from a good friend and immediately got shirts with the name in the middle of the chest, nothing fancy. The long-term customers love it. Logo’s are great if you have one use it but at minimum have your name on the shirt. @GlassMD is right on with Vistaprint.


A business logo is most important for every business. Actually this can reveal the brand name easily without the company name missing or something like that.


I get what your saying but with mostly solo operated businesses your not building name recognition by your logo.


jhans could you explain in some detail what you mean by that? how would a logo not build name recognition?


Being solo your reaching such a small group that most people would not recognize or identify you by your logo or name.

Wouldnt branding be more for companies like McDonalds, Target, Home Depot…

Massive customer basees


True, but that logo is just what helps people ro recognize your personal business. I understand what you mean, people are quick to recognize mcdonalds and home depot etc. By the logo. But thats the reason you make it to begin with. Ive actually noticed a lot of the window cleaners in my area dont even have a logo. Let alone use it for their google maps or the other ad tools like nextdoor etc. I think that stuff can help separate you from the rest.

Understandably i wont talk to so many people that my brand will get recognized nationwide, but why not make that impression on the ones you do talk to?


Small businesses DO NOT brand. It costs too much money to get brand recognition. You don’t have that kind of money. How many radio ads, TV ads, billboards, are you buying each week? None to almost none, right?

We advertise, not brand.

If you have it in your head, you are going to brand/market yourself like a corporation like Coke or McD’s, you’ll go under. We are not them, we can’t market like they do. We don’t have those types of budgets, nor are we targeting such a broad audience.


I get where you’re coming from. If you’re a small fish in a relatively small pond, you can build some recognition over time. It should be a small part of your overall marketing efforts, imo.

I live in a town of under 12k. I can identify several small one or two person service companies by their name and logo. Painters appear to have the best understanding of branding, since they seem to have the market so saturated here. Yard signs in customers’ yards are the number one thing I see them using, followed by lettered vehicles.

I think I’ve done a semi-decent job of building some brand recognition, myself. But it can be a two edged sword in a luxury service like window cleaning. You don’t want absolutely everyone to think of you and call when they realize their windows are filthy. You just want to attract those who can afford it. And oftentimes, those customers don’t necessarily want the corporate-looking, instantly-recognized, but-perhaps-just-average company to work on their home.


Yes I agree a little, but even if your a small busines you need some recognition
You will be out in the public eye An first impressions are everything. Your whatever your trying to promote will be ion everything Your invoices , your cards , website , An all of thsi.
Not saying mine is the greatest , because it’s certainly not, but a logo is part of the professionalism IMHO!

So why not get a logo , An have it done by a pro. It’s really not to costly


Correct, logo and identifying who and what you do is 100% neccessary.

Thinking a solo operation will develop a branding of any sorts isnt realistic was my input.