How does a nonmember purchase products?


I saw the retail price vs the member price. I’m not a member yet, but I liked the 3 door hanger designs /i was able to see. The site says that you are not accepting new members. Any guidance is helpful.


@At_Cost_Printing and @Jessica.


@Abce i’ll shoot you a private message now that will help explain things! :grinning:


Could you shoot me a private message about same information as well thank you.


You have to cut down the tallest tree in the forest using… a herring!


Hello! Me too, me too! I tried for membership on your site, it says become a member now; then, it says we’re not taking new members now. Let me know wuz up, I need sales tools.


Okay, Now what?


Now, we want a… shrubbery!



Okay schrubbery added to block windows!


Watch for hornets. Ask me how I know. :disappointed_relieved:


Oh man loveglass wait until you run into a Bougainvillea thorn bush in front of windows, beautiful flowers… But bees, spiders and worst of all the thorns are ruthless!