How cold is too cold and what do you tell the customer?


Hey guys, so I have a few jobs this week that are monthly accounts for me, and it’s time to service them. However the past two weeks have been around 0 -10 degrees out and this week is no different. So what would you do? Do I tell the customers due to the water I will need to reschedule or do I suck it up and go do the two jobs I need to do? I’m new to the business so I have never cleaned windows in the winter.


I’ve done -16 before.

But ultimately it’s your business. If they’re monthly accounts, they won’t notice you didn’t show for Jan and it’s sucky outside.


It was -18 F not including the wind factor (-28) when I started today. It’s your business but I tend to think if I don’t do it somebody else will.


At least call em. I’m the guy that will snatch that account because your unreliable. Window cleaners skip out in Phoenix because is too cold at 50 degrees. Thanks so much!


I had this happen last week, was about -15° to -20° F, started one monthly client and then my pole froze, then my squeegee rubber froze shortly after that. Told the client it was too cold and I’d come back on a warmer day.


I don’t clean if my bucket looks like this:

winter ice