Housecall Pro Price List Help


Hey everyone. I’ll be launching my window cleaning business within a month and I’m very excited. Question for all you Housecall Pro users - how do you organize your price list to streamline your scheduling? I currently have options that include number of exterior panes, number of interior panes, tracks, screens, etc. in an attempt to make it as personalized as possible. But from feedback I’m getting from friends and family, it’s a little tedious. This requires customers to count their windows and they may not even know what counts as a window (even though I explain this in the details).

I also thought about adding something like 30 windows for $X or 40 windows for $Y then just adjust their estimate upon arrival. I just wanted customers to know exactly what they’re getting and not be surprised with a higher estimate. How do you have your scheduling/checkout setup?

Feel free to checkout and critique my website at Being able to see some examples would be awesome! Thanks in advance.

  • Lucas


a popular solution to your problem is 20 windows for $yyz price.

Solves several of the issue stated and not stated.

Clients will not count properly


Love the online booking on your page!


I have to agree on this one. It looks like an amazing tool.