HouseCall Pro No Longer Free


Just a heads up to those who enjoy using HCP, there is no longer a free level of HCP. The cheapest package they offer is $39 a month now and I think that is unfortunate and they tout this as a good thing for your business. Mind you the $39 a month package still takes money from you for credit card transactions.
I enjoy using HouseCall in it’s current capacity because I don’t rely on HCP for my other needs, instead I use it as a tool to enhance my other systems in place, which have proven successful over the last 15 years.
I am not outright saying I won’t upgrade to keep my services (which you already get hundreds of dollars a year from me in credit card transaction fees), but to force everyone onto that tier package for $39 a month is not reasonable either. I will just switch back to QuickBooks merchant services which did all HCP does except text alerts.
TL;DR: $468 a year for mostly bloated stuff I DON’T want and still getting charged Credit Card fees.
No middle ground for a basic HCP app some of us actually like how it currently functions? $15/month? $20/month?
Just my rant that I am sure will attract people attacking me for my opinion.


The bank gets the cc fee’s


The free application was able to be used at a limited capacity any how. We are rolling out a 15 day free trial with all features we have to offer. The free plan originally had a higher cc rate anyhow. We do apologize however for your trouble. We want to bring as much value to you and your business as possible.


Ya, free would be good for a part timer like myself :slight_smile:

But with a limited amount of customers, I don’t really need it either :wink:

If it’s really worth getting and helps, 39 bucks doesn’t seem bad.


When does this start? Cuz I’ve had the free version forever and am still using it


As of today you aren’t using it for free. $49 a month with a $100 setup fee, even though you were already set up.


I just switched to Wave which lets you invoice on Android, Apple, and even integrates with if you host your website on Wix so customers can pay bills with no monthly fees.