House Washing with less than 4GPM


I know this is more of a question for PWRA forum but… for those of you who do house washing as an add on, is there anyone that successfully uses a unit that’s less than 4 GPM to wash houses?

I’m about to buy another machine just curious if it can be done with a smaller unit, otherwise I have to change my entire vehicle setup.
I’m only interested in occasionally soft washing house exteriors and decks but no roofs.


I did a season with a 3.5gpm rental unit. It got the job done. Now that I’ve got a 5.5 I’ll never go back.

What’ve you got for a vehicle?


2015 Scion XB with no trailer. i don’t have enough room in my garage for a trailer so trying to avoid that… but loading a 4gpm in and out of the trunk is going to be a nightmare by myself, so i’m trying to think of a solution. Thinking of maybe making a collapsable ramp or something to get it in and out easier… any suggestions?


Post #106 shows the dual receivers that are welded to the tow hitch. I’d be comfortable carrying 300+ lbs on this with a decent carrier and the airbags to level it out. I carry my Honda track drive snowblower on it around town, which is close to 270 lbs


The only drawback is you can’t open the hatch until you get whatever’s in the carrier out of the way, and put the ramp down :unamused:


Nice, yeah I was looking at something like this but was wondering how it would hold up… what kind of hitch do you have on there? Someone told me there’s no 2 inch receiver for the scion, not sure if thats true


I got the curt 1.25” hitch for the xb:

But then had a local fab shop weld on 2” receivers on either side, with reinforcing gussets tied into the side supports. The design of the hitch was well suited for this customization. I can try and take some closeup pics if you wanna take them to a welder.

For the carrier I bought 7 feet of 2” aluminum tube stock (1/4” thick) and riveted the carrier to the tubes. I didn’t bother at all with the standard supports that came with the carrier.

You can see the smaller middle receiver in the second pic:


SUH-WEET. You smart man. Chunky springs are cool too. :open_mouth:


Time to clean out the garage, eh? :smirk:


Nice work! I have no experience with metal work but I’d love a few close up shots of that if you get a chance, I’ll take it to fab shop around here and try to replicate that.


haha, i actually keep it pretty organized… but its a one car garage and i like to park in there during the winter


Well, to be 100% honest, I can’t officially recommend towing a trailer with the xB anyway.

It’s completely ridiculous considering the similarities to the Camry, but Toyota never rated the box for towing. So technically DOT or whoever could make trouble if they wanted to, seeing as it’s for commercial use.

I’m not too worried because of the area Iive in, but if I was in a more populated, high-enforcement locale I wouldn’t use the xB to tow.