Honest opinion is this cool?



Someone got their hands on a drone…


What is the target audience, far too long for a customer to watch, but seems that’s who it was geared towards.

Were you high pressure cleaning those gutters?


I’m a bit speechless. Is that a commercial?


honestly everyone keeps asking for a demo graph but it was just screwing around . I just want to feel cool. my analytics as far as local like it


Just wanted to say thank you to window cleaning resource in Cali.


I am not sure if I would advertise using a Turbo - Tip for Power washing gutters and siding. Is that typical procedure for your company ?


Do NOT smoke before watching👌🏼


So hows it going? Has the video been helpful for you?


Honestly the biggest change was for me was taking your advise earlier. I had to dump the site I had been working on for months and learn how to do word press virtually over night. This I Feel has been the catalyst… I had done many other things in combination with the video and rebuild and all in all it has been helpful and a great learning experience. My ranking is most definitely better.Albeit we are in between seasons so true test this spring. Starting to see the chessboard with a little better clarity.Thank you for your advise.


The video was a great way to see how it affects things. More isolation of this kind of content marketing will be needed for me to truly say. Directly or indirectly affecting my SEO and the clients it brings in. Is it more important to drive traffic from local customer area or a wider audience is my question? Does it matter geographically where it comes from obviously not spam traffic. If i made a blog post about say making your own dish soap . Drive traffic . Not exactly window cleaning but home improvement traffic.If this is chill… All content would have to be crafted for each respected outcome. Meaning each video will need an intended audience and outcome. I don’t know for sure still learning and this is like another language to me most times. Seo is like a vapor of smoke can’t quite see it all the way.