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Hello guys,

Just wanted to say nice video. I sense that you are a very genuine, humble person Luke, Someone who gives because you are loving the process and journey you are on.



wow thanks man! Really appcrieate that :smile_cat:


Really sweet setup man. Love it.


Best video you’ve ever done…

Not a knock, not in the slightest… I jut like that kind of stuff!
(I love gear setups, other than window cleaning)


Very advanced L & R. It is VERY inspiring. I am having enough of a learning exercise with the Pinnacle 19. Probably would be lost in the muck with a more advanced editing software. Since most of what I am working on are like lab videos I definitely will be using your lighting ideas. Especially the ring of light.

This was one of my favorite little videos I did about a couple years ago. Tell me what you think.



very cool @Henry!