Home Depot blew my mind today


Ya that’s messed up.


Yes I too learned the hard way that ccu sites are filled with potential thieves. I literally caught a guy digging around in the back of my truck and when I confronted him he said “my boss said to grab a drill from his truck, I thought this was it” I saw the kid ride to work with his boss, he knew that was not his truck! I addressed the builder who I do about 4 houses a month for with the situation and needless to say, they weren’t back the next day. I hate a thief!!


Good for you for letting the builder know. Kid is lucky you didn’t turn him over your knee! On these sites I’ve also left and lost a bunch of stuff. People pick em up by accident too. I’ve been guilty of that as well. A sub or two will tell me when they see it dude thats my step ladder! My bad.
It happens tho.


Yea I have all different sizes of this Werner all purpose ladders, one guy honestly mistook my ladder for his on a ccu once and loaded it up and left with it. He had the same exact one but it was at the back of the house and mine was at the front! Ha ha luckily they showed back up the next day and the guy automatically came up to me and said hey man I’m sorry I loaded your ladder and not mine. Didn’t notice this one had no paint on it yesterday because I was hurrying to get home lol I said, eh it’s ok man but let’s trade back.


Mark all your tools, equipment etc with your own distinguishing mark. :wink:


I started that! lol I went and got a capital D and S from lowes paint department that you use for laying over something and painting it to mark it and that’s exactky what I do! Everything I have has a big DS on it.


That’s good, make sure you copy down all serial numbers down on your equipment (PW equipment etc) just in case it gets stolen and you need to identify it.


I engrave mine. Made no difference. I will update if I ever find anything of mine ever again. Once its gone, its gone usually.


I agree. But there is always a possibility that it will be found, so I mark everthing and note all serial #.