Home Depot blew my mind today


Have you seen the tools they sell?? The unger tools they sell compared to lowes’ entry level ettore crap blows them out of the water. I should have went there 3 years ago when I bought my first set up. I bought a super awesome squeegee they had and a applicator. The squeegee handle looks like the handle for the ninja (basically is the same just a different color) and the applicator has a scrub pad on one side of it, blew my mind. I order almost everything online but I learned today that Home Depot has a lot of what I need. Lowes needs to kick it up a notch. I mean, have you seen the unger poles there too? Bought one of those also for small work to test it out. Respect :fist:


this is the squeegee… kick ass. I’m going to swap out the channel and have some fun with this little guy.


I was surprised to see that they had those also, but upon inspecting them, they’re made cheaper and the ones on WCR are only a couple bucks more and are the real deal. Let us know how those perform in the field, might be interesting.


The angle of the handle is different also and the channel rest different within the handle.


Don’t let it blow your mind too much. That’s homeowner quality stuff. Not pro grade like the normal Ninja handle. You can feel quite a difference between the 2 when you check them out in person.


I own majority unger ninjas, once I saw the HD knock offs I felt a huge difference. Not only that but if he takes a pick of the other side of the handle its a cheap metal mechanism that holds the channel in place, not the the ninjas quick release.


I Bought one in the early early days of our operation, when I only had smaller channels and needed something longer. The design pinches the rubber where it was leaving obvious streaks all over the place. Returned it and ordered the ettore pro+ handle and longer channels and haven’t looked back. There’s no comparison.


Update: I used it today… wasn’t impressed. Yea it’s made a bit different than the ninja but I figured it wouldn’t have been such a difference to where it’s was blatantly noticeable but it was. I played around with other channels though and it got a bit better. The handle itself is kind of cool though. I’d say it’s worth the 18 bucks I spent but it’s going to be a last resort squeegee for sure.


Yeah, I checked the extension poles, the cheap little plastic lock button barely pushed in and out and hung up on the way back up.


Sorry to hear that, sometimes you just gotta try and see right? Thanks for the update.


I use the little 2 section 8 foot poles from home depot multiple time daily. They’ve never seized or broken in two years.


I’m liking it so far. I have no complaints.


For short poles, the HD versions are fine. It’s when you get past about 10 feet or so that the deficiencies become manifest.

If you aren’t afraid of getting booted from the store go run a 25’ pole to maximum extension and see how it wobbles like a fishing rod even before the weight of a wet mop or squeegee. :grin::+1:


I went to a flea market type county fair event in northwest ohio a few weeks ago. Found an Ettore BOAB with an Ettore super squeegee handle, a 24" Sorbo channel, and an 18" yellow Ettore mop and T-bar. All for $15. Snatched it right up.


This is crazy! I checked my home depot, I found nothing, just the basic, cheap tools.


Different cities may carry different product. I was impressed with the quality of their entry level tools compared to the ettore tools lowes has. At least these are made with some sort of care lol


I’m with you on that one, but it’s real cool when you’re in a pinch and can’t get to the shop or stuck on a job. Thats for sure!


Heck if your in a pinch and a handle breaks and it the only one you have on hand… (don’t know why you would only carry one handle) and your doing a bunch of hand work, you can just use the channel in hand to finish out the job… :wink:

Adapt and over come!


Grab into it with some channellocks. Lol


because on CCU’s people will steal the crack from your butt if you let em. I had 27 squeegees on a large scale ccu about 5 years ago, came the next morning even my steel toes were gone!