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You might be right. I’m taking some vacation time in Europe later this year. I’ll use that time to ponder my business plan.


Have fun. I’ll be here cleaning glass when ya need me! :wink:


Where I’m from anyone making $30O is awesome. Don’t take for granted what your making. Many people in the world are making $7.50 -10.00 hr working there butts off. I make $13hr at a restaurant. Making $200-$300 a day would be a dream come true!
makinh $20hr doing what I love and not spending 12hr days working myself to death would be great!

Don’t forget where you came from guys.


That’s great. It sounds like a ton of money until you run the numbers on your profit margin. Then it doesn’t sound so great anymore.


True that we shouldn’t snub our noses at $200-$300/day, but when you try and compare it to wage work, it’s like comparing apples and pomegranates.

Despite averaging $60+/hr for my on-site labor for quite awhile (often with rates much higher, and having a pretty full schedule spring through fall), I would still be a little tempted if someone offered me a $20-25/hr full time position with benefits, and a relative guarantee of job security.

People have already written ad-nauseam on all the reasons our rates don’t compare well with wage-work. Look up some of @Bruce’s posts for reference.


This Should have nothing to do with your pricing !!!


Sure it does. I want to make sure I’m charging more than them. :wink:


Ha ha. I could care less what the others are making. I’m making what I need to walk away happy An profitable. If they’re making more than me good for them. I tip my cap.


Disagree. It has EVERYTHING to do with your pricing. Especially when you are starting out. I’ve done this for 15 years, in three different markets and two different countries. What the others are charging is always a factor. Doesn’t mean that you go as low or aim as high. But being aware is critical to getting your business off of the ground.


Really wow … 20-25 an hour after taxes is a nauseating thought. Not being the boss , an ruler of my dreams is a nauseating thought. Yes running, an operating a business is no walk in the park. Sometimes you feel alll alone with the decisions, an it gets scary , but it’s the most rewarding endeavor I have ever taking . All of us in here should be proud of ourselves. Some of us have one man operations some of us have crews , an a bigger operation all in all we all are striving for success in a great business that has tons of potential , an it could be what ever you want it be . So be proud I know i am. I’m sure you are too , but to even think of working for someone else for les than a 100 grand a year. Wha are you doing. :scream::grimacing:


Nice man! Inspiration :))))))




An older guy I knew made this point to me when I started out, and he had been self-employed for decades:

When you are an employee, you have one boss that you need to please. When you are self-employed, you have hundreds of bosses you need to please.


Yes, but it’s so much more rewarding pleasing the 100s of bosses


The difference is one boss tells you what to do, a hundred bosses ask you what you can do.



I hear many, many people say they want to have their own business, and a lot of them say it’s because they want to be their own boss. As if being self-employed will feel “free.”

Like many of you, I feel quite the opposite. I feel more responsibility for my business than I ever did with another job. So I caution people, if you want to start a business because you want to be “free” or “come in whenever I feel like it,” you probably won’t succeed because you have the wrong mentality.

I’m not saying that this was your attitude, incidentally. I just hear that from so many people who spend years talking about starting their own business but never actually do it. I think it’s because they have the wrong perspective to begin with.


The truth of the fact is. I don’t look at them like there my boss. They can tell me where to start., but they can’t tell me how to do it. That’s where I draw the line.
I had a prospect call me up, an try to tell me they want me to do it there way , I didn’t except the job An found another one at a higher pay scale too :smiley:

The Beauty of our business is you don’t need any one customer. You would like to have them , but you don’t need them.
An you need that attitude when your givin estimates. I’m not saying come off cocky , an unprofessional, but confident an reassuring


Haha, well, that’s why I said, “a little tempted…”

And it would need to be an almost mythical sort of job offer: “a relative guarantee of job security”. That really doesn’t exist these days.

Every year of self employment gets a little better, but I know there’ll be a cap at some point on what I can make as a solo operator. Considering all of the things that come out-of-pocket for us, the actual equivalent salaried income wouldn’t be close to $100k/yr. For some guys, maybe it is. We all have different things going on in our lives, and factors in our personality and physical makeup that affect what we are capable of.

But for some of those same reasons, a full time position working for someone else probably wouldn’t be a good fit for me, either. The bottom line for me isn’t really about the total income. It’s about the level of effort, stress, and preoccupation required to make a living, vs. the time leftover to have a life…


Congrats man! Wait until you’ve made 300 by lunch! You’ll really be jumping with joy at that point. First day I was off by 1 with a 360 dollar check in my hand, I didn’t know what to think. Faster you get the more you’ll make. Keep it up!


someone liked this comment today which got me reading this thread again. i made my personal best today (on a regular day, not on a large commercial project day where you just do pane after pane but a drive around to 5 stops day) i made $581 in about 8 hours. the last stop of the day is a salon next to chipotle. it took me 8 min and i made $17 i then went to chipotle and waited 10 min to spend $9 on my dinner. something about those ratios blows me away. i’m very thankful to have gotten this far.