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Just be glad you’re not starting at 7am only to get home at 7-8pm to make 2500 a month doing pest control, this is 1 reason I’m wanting to start window cleaning


It will be a huge advantage in the future if you are a fast window cleaner. You will earn more respect from your employees if they know you can clean windows.

There will be that moment when you grab the squeegee out of a new guy’s hand and just knock out a window in front of him. Then you say “oops, let me do it slower so I can show you”.


what is your price?


We’ve recently switched to square foot pricing. We average anywhere between $7-14 per pane with screens cleaned and tracks wiped cleaned. The time saved by eliminating on site estimates and counting up windows is worth in my eyes.


What is your formula? Not sure if I would go that route, but I am intrigued.


This is essentially what we do.

Edit: not sure if the link goes through but you can look him up on Facebook.


70% close rate id raise prices


I think @SqueegeeNinjaNJ shoots for a closing rate of 40%…( i could be wrong but one of the “ballers” here thats there goal!)


Dang… My close rate has been…um… Very high. I don’t have exact numbers, but nearly every estimate converts. Some people very reluctantly when they see the price, which lead me to believe the price was right.


Yes our close rates from Responsibid are less than that, but when my wife talks with them on the phone it’s pretty high. That’s because she’s a closer! Her thorough sales pitch which is not overbearing gets them to book.


Sorry but I’m not on Facebook. I am curious about your formula tho…


Might be explaining the long days and low pay


Just because your close rate is high does not mean you should raise prices. That could be short sighted and lead to work shortages in the future. Pricing should be based on other factors such as what competitors are charging and your business financials.


Could not disagree more


You go Daniel. And enjoy the way. 2 or 3 hundred, it’s a joy to work and receive the fruit of our labor.
God set it up this way.


Only problem is he won’t be in business long at that rate… Or he’ll soon come to realize he can’t afford to move forward financially… Just think, all that hard work in vain.


Thats awesome man ! Congrats !:sunglasses::sunglasses:


Curious as to why you would tell a new guy this. Many of us have run our business making 200 - 300 a day for years. I live quite comfortably and enjoy a quality life. By your reasoning, it won’t last long. I guess we are doomed to fail…


Guess it depends on what you want out of life. You’d just squeak by at that if you want to buy a house, raise a family, save for retirement, and operate a business. Takes more than 200-300 to do all that imo