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Hey guys I was just called to come give a quote to an HOA for about 41 units. They said they have a lot of glass which I initially was glad to hear because that means a bigger quote. Once I started looking up the properties on Zillow I see that what they meant to tell me was that they have a lot of glass in the form of sun room enclosures. I haven’t cleaned any of these before and could use some help with quoting.

Among the units they have 2 different enclosures, a single level and double level. Can anyone tel me how to traditionally clean these? I don’t have a wfp setup yet so it’s all trad work on this project.

As far as price I was thinking of 150$ for the single level and 200$ for the double level model (enclosure only). I will quote the other windows per my usual formula. My concern though is that they expect a discount and I am fine giving 10-20% off I just don’t know where to begin with pricing the enclosure.

Any advice would help. Here are a couple pictures from zillow.

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First, I wouldn’t clean those traditional. No good place to put a ladder, and a pole probably isn’t gonna get it. I’d WFP with a gooseneck.

Second, you need to be sure it’s actually GLASS, and not some plexi/poly. You also want to check for things like HW stains, or any other potential issues.

I’d also want more money, personally. This is out of the norm, specialty work. Depending on how many of these units there are, you likely could pay for a DI/WFP with this job.


Might also want to know how many and which ones leak.


Find out how the top vinyl looking covers/shades operate.

Funny thing, they all may not function properly. Dont get stuck wasting time or being accused of damaging any.

I would request that on the day of cleaning each unit has the responsibility to fully open them or you only clean up to them.


I’ll pass


I’ve done one of those configurations once, planted ladder mitts on the top horizontal divider, staked off my ladder legs and was definitely over-reaching to get the flat part. You cannot fan that curved glass, has to be straight-pulled. I had to scrub it pretty good, I doubt WFP would do a good job there.
The building I did had 3 cascading storeys, I did just the second one, I had to span the first one with my fully exteneded 24", which was sticking out more. I don’t know how I would do the third floor, if I had to, it’s offset even more, deeper, drastic ladder angle…
Mine had shades on the inside, little tricky, but not too much.
I charged $360 for the Second floor unit exterior and interior, but would probably charge more next time, ladder plants are scary.