Hiring for storefront sales


I have a friend who really wants to work for me but can’t clean windows due to a back injury. We were thinking of having him come call storefronts and send them emails and paying him commission. I have gotten all my storefronts from just walking in and not sure the best way to go about having him do this. Any suggestions on how he should build lists of stores, what to put in emails and how to track everything?


Hiring for a sales position for storefronts is tough. Smaller paying jobs that over a long period payoff.

I dont see one person on payroll generating enough work to compensate.

Takes a long period to build this type of route.

This can easily be done with residential or commercial but then need the workforce to get the awarded work completed


All County had a sales rep that did store front commission sales.


How many employees?

That’s the difference, solo op hiring sales guy or a company with a work force.