Hiring Employees--need contract?


Do you have a contract for your employees to sign? Would anyone care to share, or advise me on where I can find one? I think the main thing I need is a no-complete clause. Thanks!


Contract for what?


The last thing you want is a contract. If you don’t hold up any part of that agreement, they can sue you.


As an employer you should have a company policy manual and is required in some areas.

This would cover all expectations for the employees.

No reason why a employer doesn’t fulfill their obligations.


What kinds of things would you include in the company policy?


You ever worked for someone else before? Most all of them make you sign a document that you read the company policy manual.

It covers attendance, dress code, conduct, and everything they expect out of you when you are on the clock.



I have used this or a variation of this ( sometimes I need to modify specific details ) for quite a while now. It was drawn up by a lawyer. Feel free to use all or any portion. Jeff