High Rise spiders/bugs on windows frames etc


Hi my client manages a 25 storey building that I access by bosun chair. We clean all the spider webs and bugs by brush and squeegee, but the spiders return right away. The client asked if there’s any product that can keep the spiders away for a while longer.
Anyone out there have this problem before and any suggestions?


Hey Paul!

I get this request on a regular basis. I tell them as soon I start spraying for insects I become a pest control service. While this is an exaggeration it is how safety regulators would view me. And because I am not certified and cleared to use pesticides commercially I would be facing fines.

This is how it works in my province anyway. Maybe it’d be different for you.


Same goes for me in my Province. You might want to consider subcontracting that task to an exterminator


HI Josh now I remember you lol we met in downtown Montreal you were wearing a suit!!! Hope all is well


Ha ha! How long ago was it?


It’s been 3years I think lol




Fire. Kill them with fire. More fire if they come back. Bigger fire until they don’t come back any more.

You’re welcome.


Or else go with the organic pest control service.


Hey pal. We use a pyrethrum based product with residual qualities. You don’t need to haver a license to spray and the chemical is relatively safe to use. We use it a bit in Melbourne. Try Bayer and look for delta-methrin.