High Interior Cleaning


How do you guys do it? Im not really liking the idea of bringing a ladder inside and it sliding around scratching stuff.
Should I use a telescopic pole with squeegee. That leads to what size?

Or- Ladder up? Or get something like a unger indoor kit?


Such a generalized question, got pictures?

Ladder’s don’t just slide around either.


I put rubber mats on the floor to protect floors and carpets from the ladder feet.
My stand-off has rubber pads, but for interior I slip athletic socks over them to avoid marring the walls.
Sometimes a ladder is the tool of choice, especially if mullions have be taken off.


Sorry no pics. More was worried the ladder would scratch hardwood floors.


My first choice is a pole with a flat pad of some sort and SprayAway or the like. Second choice is pole with mop and squeegee (it’s messy and my high pole work blows). Third choice is ladder, padded at the top and good rubber on the feet, a spotter if needed, depending on floor.


Have you tried the Unger Stingray or Unger swivel Padholder head with microfiber pads and pure water? Both are good. The Stingray has limited reach however as the poles are proprietary. The Padholder fits any Euro pole tip.

See -





for heavier dirt.


No haven’t tried either. I read about the stingray on here. I’ll look into it the pad holder. Thanks


I’ve been encountering more and more high interior windows in the last year. What do people use on their ladder feet to prevent slips, I have some coming up 3 levels up from interior, with tile floor, tried ladder last year but sketched me out too much with its lack of traction on the tile. Ended up taking my sweet time and used mop n squeegee on pole work.



That kit is worth every penny. But at least get a pad holder and some cleaning pads.


Just get a couple of foam rubber kitchen mats. No slip, no scratch.


I second the Unger speed clean kit. Use it on windows 30 feet high in an atrium. Not saying it’s easy on my back at all but they get the job done. Most of the time I just use the pad dry and it is all it takes. High windows don’t get that dirty from what I’ve seen, mostly just dust.


Xtenda leg non slip rubber feet for your ladder. Perfect for hardwood


A telescoping ladder comes in handy for 2nd story interior work. Very convenient and quick. Xtend & Climb is a solid brand. Be wary of cheaper ones. Given the riskier nature with this style of ladder, don’t skimp. Protect the floor and wall, watch your angle.