High flyer vs pro?


Anyone know the difference between wagtail high flyer and high flyer pro?


Are you sure they are separate tools, looked at the whole wagtail range, did not find “pro” in anything.


No I’m not sure. I have others saying that there is a difference but no one seems to know what the difference is. It maybe that they are confused and giving misinformation. That’s the reason for the post. To clear up the confusion.


Check waggas videos. I think the high flyer has a bar pivot action that the pad attaches to. Really weird. The pro is just a normal wagtail but with the stupid knob on the end.

I like the disc action on the old slimlines. But wagtail had to go make everything proprietary and I don’t think you can use an ettore channel in them anymore which is my preferred channel.

So for me, I guess it’s hello moerman my old friend.


I checked 5 different supply sites none of them have any “pro” in their official names they have :
Precision glide ( looks the same ans the PC)
and High flyer


Did a video about 2 years ago with some the Wagtail models.
but believe the movement has not changed only added extras on it over the years .
Oh just changed the NEW name.


The pro is for professionals, whereas the non-pro is for amateurs. I kid, of course, but I think the main difference is mere marketing, not the features of the actual tool. Looks as if they have dropped the “pro” lingo on current product for sale.