Guys just did a cleaning.

Windows still dirty. Used Dawn. Need other cleaning agent. Windows very dirty


hard to say what’s needed without pics…


I thought the window was clean I went back and rubbed with my finger and it got cleaner


Or without knowing what the full process was done to first attempt to clean the glass.


Washer sleeve to apply the solution then squeegee…

Washer sleeve to apply the solution then white pad (agitation pad) then squeegee…


More information is need.


Is this residential or commercial?

Sometimes on commercial we encounter windows with butyl caulking which leaves a residue that is tougher to remove with water but dry rub comes off easily.


Window has some construction around it. Residential. Window will need to be recleaned. Ahhhh


Damp microfiber (not wet) works wonder in that situation Jeff.


When asking for help on a sight unseen project, you really need to go into full detail about all that you did.
What is your equipment, scrubbers, etc., that you used? Take some pictures so the responses aren’t being done blind and we can better guess at what we are seeing.


Thinking to myself:

If you can’t be bothered to get descriptive about the situation, even after you have been asked questions, why should anyone bother to help?

“I washed these windows and they are STILL dirty! What other chemicals can I throw at this unknown problem? OH the HUMANITY of it ALL!”



Definitely…sorry guys. I couldn’t respond faster. Dawn just didn’t clean the window this time. I got a damp rag and washed the window down. Then mopped. It was definitely cleaner and more noticeable. It was a small construction site and the windows and panes were very dirty


White 3-M pad soaked in cleaning solution scrubbed in circular motions often does the trick.

Next step if that doesn’t work is steel wool (0000) or extra fine bronze wool soaked in cleaning solution scrubbed in circular motion.

Still stubborn? “Amaze” on steel wool or bronze wool.

Damn, still stubborn? Diamond Magic with 3-M/steel wool/bronze wool. Re-clean with fresh solution and squeegee as normal.