Help with name


Luckys windows and gutters
Orion windows and gutters
ICLEAN windows
SOCLEAN windows.

I am sure your all sick off this kind of topic so I want to make it short and sweet.

What do you all like best.



1 and 4!


Lucky window cleaning.

Get lucky for clean windows.

Don’t roll the dice on other window cleaning companies just get lucky.


Thank you so far!


Freddy Fargo’s Fantastic Window Cleaning.
Find Em’ Dirty, Leave Em’ Clean
Banana Hammock Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning By Lucky
Lucky’s (city) Window Cleaning
(City) Window Cleaning
Exclusive Cleaning by Lucky


Lucky Window Cleaning.


I would go with this . I googled this name and no ones has this name , the domain name is available and best of all it’s easy to remember . I would jump on this fast .


Lucky Window Cleaning. Don’t add gutter or anything else. You advertise that later in business cards and flyers on what ever else you clean. Good luck :four_leaf_clover::wink:


Ok thanks for looking into the name.

#10 bought and paid for. Thanks for all the feedback.


Nice ! That’s great , what I like about your name Is that no one has this name and it’s easy to remember . Let’s say a clients sees your truck in the street and she can’t find a pen , no worries she can google your name and find you online easily later .
I would open a google my business page , yelp page , Facebook , Instagram , google + , bing and anything you can think of under your new business name . Also don’t forget to go to your city/county and open a DBA. Now you can
Get your business cards.


Yes thanks for all the help. I will work on all those things you mentioned. Now I will do my business cards tomorrow. Then I can work on a logo for the next batch that way I’ll have time to play.

                Lucky Day

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