Help with my bid please


So this ^ I used to LOVE it as an employee, the guy I met on the first day told me his nick name was skippy, as he was able to get away with skipping more windows than every1 else, Its so classic to see peoples faces when they assume we are gonna come into their offices and move all their shit, in reality I walk in tell them why I’m there they normally say move what you need to to me , sorry a memo was sent out if its not already moved it will not be cleaned, to their reply oh hang on I’ll move it, sorry the memo went out over a week ago and clearly stated we do not have time to wait for people to move stuff when we arrive.
then walk out of the office. WIN lol

If working in a large city you also may have to do an induction to the site, which normally wastes the 1st hour you arrive. I remember a Mobil oil refinery we had to get there at 5am for a 2 and a half hour induction after an hour and a half drive out there, SUCKED balls.


That was my thinking as well,l if i don’t hear from her in the next week i will call and see if she will let me know where i came in compared to the others. we seamed to hit it off pretty good when doing the walk around so my feeling is good. i also asked her about why she decided to use a different vendor this time and what it was that she was wanting and whats most important in a service provider. It really came down to reliability. the other guys have been telling her they will get to it for weeks now about the gutters and she can’t even get the window guy to call her back after a few weeks of trying. So i made sure to explain that i have built my business on keeping my word and doing exactly what i say i will do and making sure the customer is 100% satisfied. I told her i ask these things so i can make sure to tailer to her specific needs. She loved it. If she doesn’t go with us i feel it would be strictly because of price. However i didn’t get the feeling that she had others coming out to bid on the job. so we will just have to see.


This great advice!


Use it as a blueprint and insert Factors that are good for you. If a Factor of 10 and your base pane is $3 then that is a $30 window for you. Or have a flat rate of $30 on top of per pane price for stain removal. The beauty of anything is the ability to alter to your liking as needed, but it offers a blueprint to those who aren’t sure of the direction to go in order to organize and be consistent in pricing.


I was thinking it would take me 12 to 14 hrs cause I’m nasty. Charge them $1200 to $1300


So I forgot to update this thread. I bidt it at 1350 because they wanted some interior pieces done as well. And they want it done three times a year. So this will be a nice little bonus to my commercial work. Thank you for all the help you guys gave me. @thorSG1 @Garry I honestly would’ve probably bid it around 950 maybe 1000 before talking to you guys.


Cool man, glad we could help you out. You could’ve got more for it, but not a bad win for your first gig.

Don’t forget to nurture this contact gradually. She’s got friends in her line of work just like you do.

You may be able to get some leads out of this, but do a good job, if you screw up, own up to it and make it right. No matter your experience level THIS is what makes you a professional. EVERYONE screws up no matter HOW long you been doing it.

Good for you man.


Bidding by the hour can be smart if using it correctly. Residentail with screens can’t be justified all the time, especially with new clients. You give them the price with the estimated time of lets say 2hours with a price of $150or what ever your rate is. If it goes 1/2 to 45min of misjudgment then you add the xtra. Always explained in the event of it exceeds the 2hr,mark hourly wage kicks in. You could explain this before you start so there is no surprises and insures you don’t get short changed for circumstances out of your control. If explained correctly you will get the money you desperately deserve.:wink:


By the Job just eliminates the customer thinking you taking to long or if you get a phone call and they see you talking or if its really hot and you need a break etc…


Over the phone yes but if your going in person you want to inspect that difficulty level and add accordingly for on the top of your original price.