Help needed, water not coming out of pole


I’ve used my WFP multiple times, today I turn it on at a customers house, and water just barely drizzled out of the pole. The water pressure shows fine. I also tested it at another house, and it is doing the same thing. The resin is fine, the carbon filter is fine, and I can’t find any blockage in any hoses or tubes. I am at a loss here. Has anyone had this problem?


What system is it?


tucker rodi


These are very simple systems.

Not many options to have to troubleshoot, water at spicket, water out of system or water out of pole one of the 3 have to be blocked.

Which one is not getting water out


Is it coming out of the hose before it reaches the brush?

What kind of brush?


I’ve had “drizzle” issues on occasion with the older version of the Xero RO/DI. These were all a pressure issue with the customers water supply and longer hose runs/uphill hose runs.

I remedied the situation by adding a booster pump (Wayne PC4)


More info needed, like the others said. I recently troubleshot my wash it pro and found the valve that was screwed into the bottom of the RO filter to be stuck closed. We took it apart and cleaned it, then everything worked fine.


Here are the steps to troubleshoot you system. Sounds like you have a RO issue but this test will help you determine the problem. 1. Set up unit to run as per operation/owners manual.
2. Before connecting the supply water hose to the machine, measure the water flow from the end of the hose(s).
• Supply water flow __________________ gpm
3. Measure the TDS and temperature of the supply water.
• Supply water TDS __________________ ppm • Supply water temperature ____________ °C
4. Connect the supply water hose to the machine and turn on the water. Open the flush valve to purge the air from the system. Then close the flush valve and read the pressure on the gauge.
• Supply water pressure _______________ psi
5. Open the flush valve. Start the motor on the machine. Measure the water flow from the flush valve hose.
• Flush water flow ____________________ gpm
6. Open the Pure water valve. Allow water to flow onto the ground or into a drain. For testing purposes, do not connect a pole hose. Close flush valve. Wait for 1 minute to allow system to
stabilize. Read the system operating pressure on gauge.
• System operating pressure ____________ psi
7. Measure the water flow from the wastewater hose.
• Wastewater flow ___________________ gpm
8. Measure the water flow from the pure water hose.
• Pure water flow ____________________ gpm
9. Measure the TDS of the pure water.
• Pure water TDS ____________________ ppm
10. Measure the TDS of the wastewater.
• Wastewater TDS ____________________ ppm
11. Turn off machine and compare test results to normal operation specifications on page 18


Disregard the flush and pressure gauge instructions but the other instructions are all correct. Once you have these numbers call me and we can make a accurate diagnosis