HELP!? Nasty Film


Worked like a slave last night on some glass steps and ran into this after WFP, and bronze pad.

Can anyone suggest a solvent that will dissolve this film on the glass? I just recieved a call from the folks telling me that it didn’t look like I’d done anything. What a heartbreak!


Hard water stains?


There’s a waterfall behind these glass panels, and this is certainly a mineral deposit of some sort from the water. Could be an additive that the engineers of this hotel put n the water because the water in Virginia Beach has a TDS of 88.


Also need to remove some spots on frosted glass steps:

Tried bleach, but with only limited efficacy. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.


Its likely no additive its just the water, even 80 TDS in an enclosed pond like that the water evaporates concentrating the minerals in the water I had a customer who had a water feature next to some sliding doors, I showed her the TDS of the water in the water feature it was over 700 while the tap water was 95.

Is there even enough room between the glass and the water fall to get a polisher in?


No room for polisher, but future plans to remove glass panels to repair waterfall wall. May get called in. What polish is suggested?


Are they requesting you remove the hard water staining now?

If not, I would offer to do it when the glass panels are off, I would use cerium oxide and a makita polisher with a yellow pad.

With the panels off on a solid surface it will be much easier to remove the staining.

When polishing glass panels that are in position (fix in place in the stairway) there is alot of vibration and chances for it to crack.

Make sure to seal the glass panels after polishing, if not the hard water staining will come back fast and more severe.

Make sure that the panels “are glass” before polishing.


Another thought as well may be that they are using chlorine in the water. If so, it could be a reaction to the chlorine.


THAT’S WONDERFUL, and exactly the kind of information that will compel me to continue my membership to the WCRA, and why I spend my window cleaning money with you guys. I will suggest that the actions suggested be taken when the panels come down. THANK YOU!


NOW, HOW might I clean these frosted glass stained steps? Will the cerium oxide and yellow pad be appropriate to clean THEM, or are there other ways to clean these steps?


cerium oxide is a polish, you are basically re-surfacing the glass.

pulling mineral deposits off of concrete stairs is an ENTIRELY DIFFERENT ANIMAL…

either job has big risks and, no guarantees.


Thanks for that Jimmy, but as stated and pictured, those frosted steps are glass. SUGGESTIONS?