HELP! My Biggest One Yet


Alright my fellow window cleaners vets and rookies. I have here a decent size job. I have not counted all of the windows yet but will sometime today. So this job will require a lift according to the property manager which the other company used everytime they did it. There is also pressure washing that will need to be done on the front exterior lobby windows all the way up, directly to the right as well and also all of the overhangs on side and back of building, their roofs, and their walk areas directly beneath them. Pressure washing the in ground window wells in image. Of course all of the windows including the inside of lobby which will require a 40’ ladder I am assuming. Here are some images. Give me some how to ideas and what you would charge herein central Florida.


Even with the Sun screens I’d still use Wfp.

Save the added expense of lift and hassle of protecting some of that landscape.

Wfp has been extremely helpful on jobs similar to this.


How would you get 40-45’ with wfp and with the metal awning sticking out 3-4’? A bigger company than me had to use a lift to get above top floor railings. It’s a lot higher than it looks in photo.


Everything except those top windows looks pritty Simple. I know they have some serious deep ledgers for WFP. Look an see what they have

I would go as far as telling the customer your renting a lift just for those top 6 windows. It’s up to you.
If it’s not posssnle with a ledger


I definitely see what you are saying but the lift will be needed for the highe up windows and some of the pressure washing. The rest we can do with wfp and ladders if needed. The cost of the lift will he added to quote anyways. Just want to do it right. What would you quote this job?


Hard for me to say how much. Wouldn’t go by what I say. I’m nit here to see all the idiosyncrasies.
I look at jobs like this by how long. If you can do it in a day. Then hit them with your day rate. Whether it be 1500 1200 or whatever. Add on for your labor An whatever materials… SH , Gas , whatever.
If it’s a hard day add on for that.
Never be afraid to go over an above, on big jobs. Don’t worry about The low ballers. Let them have it then !!


If the building manager is already aware of a lift (and he’s paying for it) why not have it.

You will always get the job done better the closer you are to it.

I would be getting a guy from the lift company out to see if there was 1 lift that could do the inside entrance as well as the outside high parts.

If you have a lift and it is able to enter the areas you need to clean lift > ladder imo (especially a 40 footer).

At the end of the day do you have the lift experience?


I have used a lift in previous jobs and only went as high as 25-35’. It was a scissor lift and it was indoor. Never for window cleaning or pressure washing.


When I say save the lift fees its is still passed on to customer because most companies would be renting one. This is money that goes more into your pocket.

We dont charge less because we have means of 6 stories with wfp and big ledgers, we have high costs for that type of access so we just make more thru efficiency.

Many jobs that we have that previously were completed with a lift are now with wfp. Here’s a quick break down for same job.

Job bid $1500 + $800 lift fee=$2300 2 men 7-8hrs

Wfp job bid $2300 total cost 1-2 guy with wfp 4-6 hours

We are making much more with wfp and most any employee has same speed, dont need the most skilled person.


If your not experienced in a boom lift that job will take you much longer just in manuevering.

But good to learn as long as you dont break a window or damage landscape.


Agreed. Which is why I am partnering with a buddy who has his own window cleaning business as well.


Nothing wrong with that. I always partner with someone on big jobs, also I’m not embarrassed to say I’ve been doing this a long time An I don’t know how to use a lift. Never did. I did plenty of work on them ; but I wasnt driving. Lol!! , An it’s fine by me I always have someone if I need them.