Help getting organized


I’m a one man show and getting to the point that I am vary busy with work but am not vary organized. I have no software an unfinished website and basically just been using a notepad and only running everything through a business account only. I’m now struggling to keep up with my workload and looking for advice on how to get more organized and professional looking before I hire.


Hire a good (small business experienced) tax preparer who can also teach you how to be an organized business. When I started out everyone said hire a CPA. Well, the CPA did almost nothing for me. I met a Tax Preparer who also used to work for the IRS. He was a wealth of information the CPA never uttered a word about. As a new guy starting out that was painful until I wised up and dumped them for the tax guy.
The other thing that helped me, and I mention it often - get the book Profit First.


Best decision I ever made was hiring someone to do my taxes. I use Quickbooks for payroll which makes that very simple. I use Aworka for expenses and CRM.


You need some kind of accounting software. Most use QuickBooks.
You need some kind of scheduling. I use google calendar.
You should probably have some kind of CRM.

Everything you will look over, will have pro’s and cons. You’ll need to address what your end goal is really, before picking something. It’s easier to get what you WILL need now, rather than change over down the road.