HELP! Estimate cost. Retirement Community


I am a new business owner and I’ve been given the chance to bid on a very large retirement community building in my town. After a quick walk around the building, I counted roughly 500+ windows, give or take 10-20 windows, as I said it was a quick walk around. They say they were not happy with the last window cleaners and I know the quality of my work is worth a decent price. They are waiting for my response but I am afraid to give the estimate because I don’t want to low ball myself and I also don’t want to over price. There are 3 stories, most of the upper story windows are accessible from balconies and the roof, there are roughly 50-60 windows that will need a 6ft, 16ft and 24 or 32ft ladder. I will be doing the work by myself. They want ONLY the outside of the entire building cleaned.
Any suggestions/tips/advice for what you would charge or that you think would be a fair price for me to charge for this job will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Anything mentioned about screens?

Are you cleaning them, do they pull from inside or outside?

Be clear on your proposal if you are including them or not. This helps for clarification to avoid future issue.


There are screens. They pull from the outside. I was not told wether or not they want them to be cleaned, I usually charge residential by the hour so I include screens in the price.
This is what I have figured so far by reading similar posts…
I counted roughly…
150 windows, 1st floor.
180 windows 2nd and 3rd floors. Most are reachable from balconies or roofs. Some need ladders, I think 24ft may work, but possibly 32ft in just a few areas, maybe 5 or 6 windows.
For first clean:
150x $5.50 1st floor = $825
180x $7.50 2nd + 3rd floors = $2,700

  • 10% for unknown complications
    Total = $3,877.
    Then I will put on my estimate, after initial cleaning for any return visits I will subtract 15% to make it $3,295.
    I am not sure about the number of screens, I believe from what I saw, there are about half of the amount of windows, so maybe 250 screens.
    I guess I will have to ask if they want them cleaned, and I will add $1 or $2 per screen…?
    This is just what I’ve come up with so far.
    What is your opinion?


Maybe subtract 20%? Make it $3,101…


Since you said you were new, I want to clarify before I give my feedback. Are you sure you are counting 500 windows or 500 panes ?


That is a big job. How long do you think it will take you? I hope you get it. That would be a nice paycheck starting out


Good luck. Thats a lot of work for one person. As a future reference… when they told you that they were not happy about the last contractor…ask why… and use some funneling questions to get to the “pain.” next talk about budget. since your new it would have been nice to know what the last contractor charged