Hello from Homer, Alaska!


Grandson loves to help, especially when he has the spray bottle and the cat is nearby :grimacing:


Liquid sunshine.




I’m excited because I was able to use my WFP on Nov. 28. It was only 12 windows but still refreshing. We had a couple of days with temps above freezing for a couple of hours so I timed the job right.

I realize that cleaning only 12 windows with a WFP doesn’t sound very efficient (16 minutes from the time I parked until starting the van) but for marketing purposes I like getting visibility for my equipment.


@HBM is experienced with a wfp.
The point is he’s in Alaska and very few days during the winter that you can use a Wfp.


You really don’t need practice once you “know” the technique…so…

But it great that you were being positive and nice and encouraging.


I am experienced with WFP but I am always trying to be more efficient: less footwork, quicker setup/loadup times, less wasted motion overall. Due to our limited WC season I push myself to constantly improve my efficiency.


Some of the coolest pictures are in this thread, thanks for sharing them Malcolm!


Did WC at the Chamber of Commerce two months ago. Two days ago while doing carpet cleaning there I was fortunate to get a pic with reflections.


My workforce is expanding! Grandson is in training.


Prep for a storefront at +20 F :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit: I forgot to warm up my pole. when it wouldn’t extend I had to go nose-to-needles with a spruce tree that had the nerve to block a window :confounded:


landscapers, like architects, don’t think about window cleaning in the future. At least you smelled good after!


Yogi had a good run in the surf today. I did a bit of running too when he wouldn’t come back after his usual hour on the beach.