Hello from Homer, Alaska!


Some annoying holiday leftovers.


Being those samurai swords as back up.


This caribou crossed in front of us to join four more. This was about 6 miles south of Cantwell while we were making our monthly drive to Fairbanks to see our kids and grandson. Today I’m playing with grandson, tomorrow out canvassing.


Those are such cool animals. Being raised in Florida, the ecology in Alaska and Canada looks almost like another planet to me.


On the return trip from Fairbanks (almost 600 miles) I picked up this load of hotel linens that was sent to a laundry rehab specialist. I will get to keep the towels that are incorrigible and I will also get some stuff from the hotel owner’s hobb store. Bartering, yo!
This came about because I asked the hotel owner, a client for WC and carpet cleaning, if he had raggedly towels that I could cut up for sills and frames. He just bought the hotel this winter so he is doing lots of upgrades, including replacing and rehabilitating the linens and he needed the specialized services of the rehab company, 225 miles north of our town.
Now I will be looking for other hauling opportunities while doing my monthly runs to Fairbanks. Always nice to get some gas money!


Load plan #73.


Thanks. Really appreciate it.


Sixty bucks in about an hour including art setup and application. First paying job with the vinyl.


The pic fromMarch 24 with snow was when I was working on the bid, today I did the work.


My wife is getting her first dialysis this evening. Her kidney failure and the need to have the freedom to set my schedule were primary factors that pushed me towards self employment. The survival and success of my business has been aided by all of you forumites.

Thank you.


This is a great thread… I hope you keep filling it up.


Sand hill cranes visited my front yard yesterday.


This Black Bear was strolling through the campsite at Eklutna Lake. Don’t feed the Bears!


I’d never get that close



Malcolm cool pics thanks for sharing.

Hope your wife is doing well.


Wake up in a tent and your out of options…


Got a 22" Liquidator 2.0 yesterday. Control of the ends and consistent pressure/angle was okay when doing N2G except when I had to stretch for the high ones. Now I need to get some pole work experience with it.

Also switched to Seventh Generation dish soap. I’ve been happy with Waxie Liquid Squeegee but just felt like experimenting with something new.


Is Seventh generation a brand name?


Yes Seventh Generation is a brand name. I’m curious about it because I have seen articles ranking it as the most environmentally friendly dish soap, which can mean that it also has the least amount of substances that are annoying to the people who use it.


My first job over $1K.

The billing lady at my chiropractors office called me about gutter cleaning at the 24 unit apartment complex she manages. I told her I don’t do gutters but I gave her a number of a gutter installer/cleaner so she said I might as well do a WC bid even though it probably wouldn’t get approved in this years budget.

So I bid $1,300 and I wasn’t surprised to get Dear Johned. Big surprise when I got a Notice to Proceed several days after the rejection! Only 105 more windows to do tomorrow. Now I need to find a bigger job.

Edit: why are my pics sideways? Is it because I do too much steep hillside WC?