Hello from Homer, Alaska!


I’ve gotta be honest, I was a carpet cleaner for almost 13 years and of all the methods I’ve done (chem dry bonnet cleaning, chem dry hot water extraction, steam cleaning, encap) the method you’re using seems to be bottom of the barrel. (no offense please, thats not what I intend)

Encap is easy. There is no extraction, no need for heavy equipment, yes you have to fill a tank (I would be using a cornelius keg, but you could use pump sprayers) but thats easy enough, no need to worry about protecting adjacent areas just watch where you spray and wipe up excess solution.

Using something like this http://www.steam-brite.com/bridgepoint-hydroforce-brush-encapsulation-machine-mh200-free-shipping-p-12211.html which is super light or a cimex (dont care for the cimex quite as much)


That is good advice, thanks. I am interested in processes that have less wear and tear on my body.


The link that I showed you… That thing feels like its floating on the carpet. Its really easy to use. Message me if you have any questions


I finally posted a WC video:


Road trip to Fairbanks, Alaska, for Grandson’s 2nd birthday.


Wish him a happy birthday from us!

Drive safe!


Strange reflections.
My son is learning WC. He has returned from 4+ months in the Philippines to work his seasonal job at Fairbanks, which is 600 miles away. In his spare time he will be finding clients for us and cleaning windows. I will be going to Fairbanks every month for working vacations.


Training my son today.


Today’s beach walk. Ice on the rocks, ice on the water and ice under the water.


Cool pic.


My son is learning to fan. This is the fourth set of windows he fanned.

Last year I had to pole the upper part of that window but we have a bit more snow this winter.


What’s causing the squeeking?


Not sure why there is squeaking. The glass was real wet and the rubber was Moerman soft. Maybe because of new rubber or because the cold temp was in the mid teens or maybe the 25% windshield washer fluid that was mixed with Waxie Liquid Squeegee?

Edit: @TheWindowCleanse @evgilliand any ideas what caused the squeaking?


A couple of observations if that’s OK. Most of the squeaking at the start is rubber tip against rubber seal. I get this quite a lot over here. I can minimise it by making sure that when soaping up the glass I also run slip over the seal so rubber against rubber also glides. The danger with this however is that if you overdo it you can get seal bleed. Towards the bottom the squeaking is definitely on the glass. Wet AND slippery is the key to your solution. When I first started out with Wagtail a few years ago my solution was GG4 which I’d used primarily with straight pulls using an Unger 0° on a pole. Transitioning to Wagtail I found GG4 simply didn’t have enough slip. Current solution is ECover/IPA (Isopropyl) mixed at 70/30 and applied from a squeeze bottle directly to the wet scrubber…


I’m guessing that the windshield washer impacted the good glide of the Waxie Liquid Squeegee.
My guess was that the windshield washer fluid was at 25% but it is probably higher. My first mix was 20% was freezing so I added more without measuring and it is probably around 40%.


Hi Malcolm,

First, good video. Your son has good fanning motion. Good grip too, looks like fingertips.

You know what may be the cause- 2 things.

  1. Channel size. Try a smaller channel than you think you need.

  2. Travel Stroke. 0:01, 0:07, 0:11
    As one travels up, what is happening to the rubber? Drying off.
    Great for standard squeegee.
    But what does the LQ like? Wet wet wet.

Try this: Instead of traveling up ALONG the soap, travel up THROUGH the soap. Wets the rubber as you travel.


  • smaller channel
  • sides first
  • cut through
  • hanglide middle to closeout


Kachemak Bay and Cook Inlet.


Working on a bid for some hillside cabins. Property owner warned of bear in the area so I brought the 12 gauge.


More of my level ground envy :frowning:


A couple of unique hillside lodging units.