Have You Earned Yourself an Awesome nickname?


What are some off the wall position titles people in the window cleaning industry might be referred to (please keep this thread clean)? I’m looking to spice it up this year and have some good humor with the crew, and myself.

Have you earned yourself a well deserved nickname? What’s the story behind it?


My nickname is Bishop Booyah.




They call me Lucky, name after the famous cereal Lucky Charms. Moved to states I think 14 years ago. Became a union boilermaker. I was on one of my first jobs and the Forman could not remember my name and here we are. This could have been a lot worse. I would say in the heavy construction field this was a gift.:four_leaf_clover:


The title Reverend Booyah was taken by my friend. So I had to one up him by being Bishop. Plus I always come at problems at a diagonal.


your so obtuse


A lot of people call me Kevin or Tyler


It is not window cleaning related but mine was Porkchop for a while LOL(when I first got into the glass industry, I was in amazing shape and then gained 50 pounds in the matter of a few months and got my nickname lol). And highschool was Meatball(chubby before I got in shape).
I’m Italian. I embraced it :slight_smile:


Mine for a long time was seek and destroy…I was a bit clumsy for a while. Everything I used…ladders, vehicles, squeegees, just about anything and everything for one reason or another ended up busted.

And I loved Metallica used to play it all the time…

One guy that worked for me for one day…came on a day where all of us were on the same building…the guy walks up to where we were setting up in the morning, I’ve never ever done this before mind you…but the first thing that came to me because of how he looked (and if this offends someone I’m going to apologize right now, sorry).

He was about 4’5". Dark skin Mexican, straight hair, short…like someone put a bowl on his head and cut the hair around it…

He looked like he had downs syndrome, and might be an ugly woman.

When he walked up to us we were all shocked when I realized this was the person when was wanting a job on the phone “Hi guys, what are you doing?”. Thats what he said…I know in print it dont sound funny but it was…

I was a little bit of a jerk, but I said to him…are you so and so? He said he was and I told him “man, you look like a retarded lesbian! That’s your new name little guy. alright?”

So that was anther one.


Since I’ve moved to the US I usually get referred to by the the spouse of the person who I’ve spoken to as "The English Guy"
It’s probably happened at least 15 times where they’ll come to me and say so you’re “The English Guy” my husband told me about (is 15 enough for it to be a nickname?)

I think all American women like English accents regardless of age because they do seem to like to chat which I never get with men :joy:


Usually accents differentiate you. Just a different flavor. The minute people hear I am from Ireland they want to talk shop. A great way to build a rapport. Use it to your advantage if you are not already.