Hauling a ladder on car roof



I’ve been in the game for 2 1/2 years now. Doing well and making a go of it.

I don’t have a van or truck yet. I’ve been hauling my ladder in my car trunk. It sticks out the back and I hate hauling it that way.

I’m trying to find some sort of universal roof rack. Eveything seems to be a couple hundred dollars or cheap pieces of junk.

Amy recommendations. It’s an 03 Camry I’m using.


I can’t say enough good things about Thule and Yakima racks definitely worth the money. Maybe Craigslist since it’s a older car maybe worth a try.


not trying too be rough but you need too invest back into your business.

after 2-1/2 yrs you ought too be able too afford a nice roof rack.

you get out what you’re willing too put in


Look for kayak racks. They’re usually designed to handle things with large wind resistance so naturally, they’re built heavy duty, and sometimes they’re actually cheaper than specific “ladder racks”.


I am a fan of Thule as well. Best ladder rack I have owned. They are built to last.


The first guy I ever worked for back in 94 used to drive a Mitsubishi Colt tiny little car and he used to strap the ladders straight to the roof, the back doors would not open as the rope was preventing the doors from opening.
One time he strapped a 30’ ladder to the car.

He also put oil in every time he put fuel in it, as it smoked more than a chimney.

A great experience that was to learn what not to do…


Write on an envelope marked as 'ROOF RACK" and put $40 inside each week, after 7 or 8 weeks time you will have the cash to spend up to $300 for a sturdy roof rack.