Has anyone ever moved their business out of state?


Thinking of moving across country because of my wife’s health. Nervous about how this will effect my business, where do I start? It took me so many years to finally build up clientele here now I would have to start over. Any suggestions?


I moved out the country in 12 and sold my business to a friend. Bought a route while overseas, worked it 4 years and sold it when I returned. I couldn’t find one to purchase here so I’ve been starting up from scratch for the past 18 months.

Try to get a valuation of your route and put the word out. Where are you located?


Yes 5 yrs ago San Diego to South Carolina


Not sure this type of business has much value when moved far.

Most all value is in customer base.

Basically starting over when relocating.


In the UK window cleaning businesses sell for between three and six times their route/contract value. ie if a route brings in £1000 each time it is cleaned the value would be £3-6000. The range is based on how well established in years/customer loyalty the route is.

See - https://windowcleaningforums.co.uk/forum/14-window-cleaning-rounds-for-sale/

Translation a ‘round’ is a ‘route’.