Harvesting rain water


This is one of the best set ups I have seen. The water is drawn from the tank using a sump pump then filtered after the tank with a Hydropower. Makes the life of the Resin increase 10 fold.


Too distracted by the ladder leaning against the gutter, lol.

I missed if you answered my question in another thread, about why you don’t harvest rainwater anymore?


I too am distracted by the 3 section ladder.

Also am curious about the rainwater harvesting.

Seems like a good way to go but can easily see the time consuming downfalls contributed with collecting it.


I do not go out on the jobs anymore Alex. I use contractors now.


I would like to to hear from someone that does this… The avid camper in me is always bothered by water use /waste.


There are several groups on Facebook that do it for the whole house. All potable water for Home. I eat at a restaurant in Asheville NEO Barritto that does it for all potable water.