Hard water stain removal


I have a commercial job with a fair amount of hard water stains from sprinklers hitting the glass at times. I have used Sorbo hard water cleaner with mixed results. What works well without fear of damaging the glass that I can buy from the store…the less elbow grease the better. Thanks.


Mr hard water fan


Phosphoric acid is the way to go


Let me know how this looks to you and I will be happy to share what I used

The owner said not to worry about killing the grass, it was being take out in a few days. The wind around this building was crazy

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Dewalt 3000rpm polisher
Dawn ultra 2x
Acid Magic
Red marble pad
White marble pad
Blue bucket
Orange extension cord
Sorbo powder acid
Blue rags
Kahoots spray bottle

Zacch Boyes
Z’s Window Cleaning
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Method: sprinkle baking soda on all bottom sills, spray 90% acid magic on each pane of glass, and wait 2 minutes. Wash each pane with soap to make sure you have removed all the acid. For this part, you will need a respirator. Mix 1/2 cup acid magic, 1/2 cup Sorbo acid powder, and 1 cup water in a spray bottle. Grab your polisher and place a red marble pad on the polisher. Place the speed at 1100rpm and spray the glass as you’re polishing the glass.

Size: 25 glass panes

Once you’re done, the pad will look like this

Time: 16 hours

I clean a dealership down the way and had seen this boat store many times and had time to stop in. I spoke with the manager and he said that Fish Window Cleaning handle the account and that they have tried to remove it many times and just can’t figure how. I left the manager a business card and said when you want that removed, call me. I get a call the next day and the manager said he spoke with the owner and that he asked how much. I said $950.00. After 10 seconds I asked if he was there and he said that he was texting the owner. I said I guarantee my work. After that large word, he said get it done.

Fish Window Cleaning lost the account and I now have it as every 3 months. Oh, and the next day I showed up, Fish showed up and thought they were going to clean the windows lol

The owner of the boat store shook my hand before I got my check and thanked me for finally removing the hard water

Zacch Boyes
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Do you spray it on and then hand buff or with a machine?


Where did you buy the polisher and pads


Hey guys. I did a building with concrete facade that had been sent off for anlysis. sillicane staining from leaching out of the facade. We used cirium oxide to remove the staining. It worked well but we struggled to get into the corners. We used a glass revive buffer and bought ourselves a bosch unit (which was lighter and much better than the glass revive!)

Does anyone have any ideas for in the corners as the grinder won’t get into the corners. Also, compounds other than cirium oxide on a felt pad that have been used, techniques etc. We are based in Austrlalia. We no longer can get phosphor acid products due to the risk. Not that we found anything other than cirium oxide on a buffer that actually worked!


Have you tried CC550 or One Restore??
To do in the corners??


CC550 is very hard to get in Melbourne and because we were abseiling (and windy) we decided that it was too risky. That said, I do have some.

Titan one restore is a paste yeah? We tried it amongst about twenty other compounds and processes when we did our trials. Cirium on a buffer was the only thing that really worked well.


One Restore by EaCo Chem
Here is a video how we use it on hard water stains.


I use zep commercial calcium, lime and rust remover. Dilute with water 50/50 in a spray bottle spray on and watch it melt off the glass


You have been miss informed.
I am also in Australia and Regularly buy RCL 70% phosphoric acid.


Not by my supplier WWWCS who no longer sells CC550 for that very reason.They were unable to get an appropriate MSDS. So no I wasn’t misinformed, my supplier decided to discontinue sales because of the risk (it is an extremely dangerous chemical that is not suitable for general access). You’ll find that that particular chemical is very difficult to get your hands on but I am guessing that you already know that.

Also, my original post was in relation to sillicane which according to laboratory analysis by the CSIRO could only be removed using cirium oxide on a buffer. Just to clarify, my original question relates to whether or not other people had used similar polishing compounds and what was being used to get into corners. A bunch of other chemicals including CC550 were trialled.


Oh yeah and also forgot to mention that CSIRO also recommended to not use CC550!


But not One Restore and Titan do not make it.
This come in liquid form.