Hard water and rust stains


We just purchased a home out in the country. We have a well and the water has a lot of iron. The shower has a lot of rust stain on the tile and the glass is trashed from the hard water. Not sure what this coating is I am reading about? Any recommendations on products to remove these stains?


For the Shower Glass use Lime Away. I use it with steel wool and dawn on the steel wool. Buy the spray bottle foam lime away. Spray on - let stand - wet steel wool with water and dawn - use aggressive circular motions - wear latex gloves. You will feel the hard water areas loosening as you scrub. Rinse and repeat if needed.


Depends on the tile. If it’s not limestone or something else very sensitive to acids, I would try CRL or a zep equivalent.

You have any one restore? You might try that on the glass, or the line away like WDW suggested. If the rust has been there a long time, you’d probably have to grind the glass to get it off. Odds are, if it’s been there some time, it’s dug into the glass.

I’ve never tackled a job with lots of rust. Lime scale yes, not rust.


If you don’t want to buy any special products just use vinegar and #0000 steel wool. One restore Will produce better/ faster results but ive jad success with just vinegar.