Hands Free Phone Setup for Working (window cleaning) and Driving - Recomendations?


2 Scenarios/Problems that need addressing.

  1. Ideally I want to answer my cell phone and continue to work (scrub and squeegee etc etc).
  2. Ideally I want to answer my cell phone and drive to my next job.

I have a Samsung Android phone.

Can anyone recommend the best (in their opinion) HANDS FREE set to go with it, in order to to do 1 and 2 above. I’m losing a lot of time while driving and working just answering my phone now that my business is starting to snowball.

Please feel free to (seriously) recommend what works for you, or what you know about HANDS FREE setups. Thanks.


I had this issue when I started last year and I noticed on Youtube that almost all the window cleaners have these bluetooth headsets that wrap around the neck. When I first saw them I thought they were really dumb looking and not possibly functional. Then I bought a set and found it to be super valuable for the 2 reasons you mentioned above. I did a lot of research and looked into multiple brands and came to realize that I didnt need the newest model. So I went with the LG TONE ULTRA HBS-820 Wireless Headset. It has great sound quality and has some great features. I like how it will vibrate when calls come in so you know that you are getting a call even if your phone is set to vibrate or silent. It also has sound adjustments (bass and treble). It has a great microphone for phone calls and JBL powered headphones. I bought mine on eBay for $23.00 and its amazing.

Best Buy Link

Also a full charge will last me about 2 days use since I listen to a lot of podcasts and audio books while I am working. It can last me a week easily if I dont use it for anything other than phone calls. It also has a 30’ range so you dont have to have your phone right on you to take/make calls.


We use similar.

Can answer and make calls from headset.

All day music too.



we also use lg’s like those mentioned.

i have two pair since i listen too audio all day. charge one and switch as they get low on charge.

looking into some fully waterproof ones for when im swimming woop woop


The best I ever owned


Thiught I lost them the other day. Not a good feeling :face_vomiting:


my wife lost my $130 bose errr


I run with skullcandy method wireless ear buds. They are sweat resistant and have a 9 hour battery life. Also a smart watch is something to look into, you can see who is calling, reply to text messages and emails without having to take your phone out of your pocket. I use the moto 360.


Sure blame it on the wife :joy:


she knows it. i cant tell you how many times she’s lost her wallet, purse and cell phone.

you just kinda get in the habit of inventory checks before you leave places lol


Hey thanks guys for your recommendations. Thanks.