Handle for closing out pole work


What is your go to handle for commercial pole work? I’m personally having trouble closing out.


I use Moerman and Wagtail pivot handles on poles. The key for higher deep framed glass is to have an angle adaptor on your pole. I also close out to the side on the really deep frames and/or ledges.


Ledger everyday


Ledge eze handle will work well. Very cost effective tool.


For deep ledges I throw a channel in my Zero degree handle and close out to the side. I use standard brass handles more than 95% of the time for storefront pole work.


i use ettore back flip handle to close out


That’s right you can’t forget the work horse Unger zero degree handle for those real deep frames.


Sounds like the narrative here is use a ledger, ledge eze, deep sill adapter or zero degrees.

What would you guys say is the best for a new guy? I was leaning towards ledge eze and doing straight pulls.


Ledger and countour pro. Ledger for deep sills counter pro zero degree and angled flexing position also very useful when you get used to it.


When it comes to closing out on deep ledges the Ledger is the grand daddy of them all. It’s the bench mark by which all other handles are judged when it comes to deep ledges. Just buy a ledger.

Add an Ettore quick release clip to it as soon as possible.


Ledger is the best as a specialized tool. It would be awkward to have as your only handle, but if you don’t mind switching back and forth then go for it.

Ledge-Eze splits the difference and is usable as an everyday handle, but can also reach over some wider frames that standard handles cannot.


So true. That’s why I suggested swapping out the plain nuts that it comes with for a Ettore quick release handle kit. You can buy the kit separate or just take the parts off a Ettore quick release handle.


You guys know your stuff! I have been in deep love with different sized swivel ledgers and zero degree handles for many years. Will never forget the day I watched Henry Unger swivel down a large plate at a show using his zero handle ‘loose’ on a pole.


When cleaning this type of window frame daily makes the ledger an everyday tool.


Fair to say. Every day, yes. But your ONLY handle? Mmmmmmmmmmaybe not??? :grin:


For those who use regularly use ledgers, how important is it to have a swiveling handle vs a fixed one? I


I hate swivel handles.

I carry one squeegee (7"ledger with 18" squeegee) and one applicator (18" fixed handle) in my bucket 90% of the year.

A 16" ledger and wagtail comes out as needed, possibly a handful of times a year.

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