Gutter zap or F13? $$$$


Hey guys. Looking for recommendations on what product is best? Gutter zap or F13? I cleaned a ladies home this spring and she was interested in gutter whitening this fall. Also how do you charge for this service? 2$ sq ft or more?


I know many use Gutter Zap and F13; I use Gutter Edge. Citrus based, safe to use, and also cleans awnings. I charge more for surface cleaning than I do for cleaning out the gutter. Have to use a purchased dispensable product and wipe and rinse 3 or 4 foot sections at a time.


I had the best success with F13, keep everything wet though. It will make little clean spots on everything, siding, decks, concrete. I used to charge $1 for one story and $1.50 for two story. I stopped doing it though unless someone asks. I didn’t think it was worth the time and hassle. It has trouble working in the cooler weather


You weren’t charging enough to make it worth the time and the hassle.


That’s probably true


Could be true, but he’s right it’s a PIA especially the second story gutters.
I only do it if someone asks too.
I’ll up sell it sometimes , but most of the time I don’t want to be bothered . Especially when I’m busy.
I’ve had good results with F-13 , it’s the only thing I’ve used though . I never tried anything else.
Your right too you jace to charge for it. Most people don’t want to pay, it’s just like oxidation on Windows they don’t want to Pay to remove it.
Some gutters it will come off real easy, others you have to apply 2 or 3 times.
Btw …It’s not square foot its linear feet .


Yep, I don’t up-sell it either. Most don’t want it. I recently had one who had exterior windows cleaned and gutter surfaces. Surfaces came to $351 on top of the window cleaning; told him the per linear ft price ahead of time. Paid it with no problem. But, he is one of many who care about the homes appearance and obviously takes good care of his property. So it depends on the customer I think.


Yup … it depends on the customer.


I cleaned a ladies house this spring. While doing the outside windows I noticed she had painted about 5’ of gutters. I pointed out that I noticed she wanted white gutters. Knowing you have to spray the chemical off I said maybe if we come back this fall we could offer you gutter whitening then do your windows after we finished the gutters. She loved the idea. I’m going through my contact list and calling all my previous customers to get them on the fall books. Trying to plan out my pitch to her so we can service her again soon.


@Garryjist so I make sure I am doing this correct. Linear foot is the added distance around the house? I have been using a measuring wheel and just found a sweet app called measure app pro.


I use a measure wheel as well.


not Sq. Ft ! Linear !!


Yea that’s what I’m asking. What the heck is linear? Sorry it is probably a basic question. How do you find the linear measurement?


Linear foot is just the length measurement. It does not take into consideration width, it’s just the length.

Square footage is length times width.
Cubic footage is length time width time depth.

When measuring linear feet of the gutter, you only measure the lengths that have gutters. Not ever side of a house usually has a gutter running it’s length.


@HoosierSqueegee can’t believe I didn’t figure that out. Makes sense. Thanks for that info I greatly appreciate it


@cruzzer3 A word of advice I have learned from reading over at the PW forums:
Whatever chemical you use to whiten the gutter, you may need to be careful you don’t get drips of it on the siding. Some guys talk about certain gutter cleaning chems, will leave clean spots on the siding that are quite noticeable.

Whatever one you end up choosing, learn all you can about it before you apply it.


LA’s Totally Awesome works well, espcially in a pinch. Can find it at dollar stores


I did a gutter brightening job about two weeks ago and tried this stuff. Actually worked pretty well. I was very surprised.