Gutter cleaning off oxidation


I’m quoting this job on my own, I usually sub-contracted out these jobs to another guy in my area but we recently had a falling out and I don’t want to do work with him anymore. I’m not going to turn down work so I need help here as this is my first time. I usually stick to house washing and window cleaning. I told these people a rough ball park of $700 and told them I would get back to them later on today with an actual quote. It’s a one story home but the back is on a slant causing it to be more like a 2 story home. Level ground I don’t see too much of a problem using ladders to reach the gutters. Now here is my question, can you guys tell me tips and knowledge on getting these zebra stripes and mold off the gutters. What chemicals, how to apply, how hard is this to do, what is some things I should know…anything would help. Also if you think you could give me any input on how you quote these jobs. Thanks in advance I’ll check back later today guys!


there are quite a few professional chemicals to remove those zebra stripes. gutter butter, gutter zap, gutter grenade to name a few… never used any of them personally thou. sorry i couldnt be more help.


Yea ive used Zap for years. Works great. Let it sit for a few min and blast away. But its no joke from a ladder, this is your first? Gutters arent usually a part of your house washing? if youre not familiar it can suck and be pretty dangerous squeezing that trigger up there and wanding with one hand.


they also make an attachment for a pole that is shaped like the gutter the holds a pad so you can scrub. Marx-off is the name.


Thanks guys, and no gutters are not part of the house wash


I just did a gutter job , with gutter zap and the black stripes lightened up but were still there! First time using zap had been using purple power. I used it 3 to 1, on white gutters and they were 5 years old, applied with brush and scrubbeD…what went wrong


what is the recommended mix ratio?


Increase it, and i usually add bleach for white. Just make sure to prespray surrounding areas first if using bleach.


I’ve used Gutter Edge with good results.


Well things sure are different here, a house wash here is gutters, fascia, under eves and side of the house.
I wish I could charge $700 for what sounds like it would take me about an hour.


Same here Thats all included, it would look terrible to wash a house and leave filthy gutters and soffits. Most of mine are 3-4 hundo and take an hour and a half.


5 to 1 for light dirt and 2 to 1 for heavy dirt


F-13 gutter grenade is the best stuff I’ve used for gutter whitening


I don’t understand how you can wash the whole house, scrub all the gutters, and wash all the exterior windows in a hour and a half but then again this is my first year in business so maybe I’m not As efficient as I think I am.


The thing with being new is I don’t quote jobs cheap just to get them. I learned the hard way a couple times and that was the end of that. Now I come across jobs that I don’t really want to do but I will do, and I charge them accordingly and 9 out of 10 times I land the job. It’s really taught me how to bid jobs correctly. I make at least $100 an hour and that’s with 1-2 other employees on the job almost every time.


Do you have the right equipment?
Recently I did a house wash whole job finished in less than 90 mins across the road there was another cleaning company and they took 3 people 5 hours and charged by the hour and did a much lower quality job with their electric pressure washer, its like rookie window cleaners read on here that we charge $60+ per hour and assume they can charge the same and take 5 times longer.
The right equipment and correct technique makes the job so much easier


I finish 2 story homes in in about 2 hours, And that’s taking time being thurough and I charge $319. I did really well on the job I was referring to where I charged $700. It was a 40 minute drive there, 40 minute drive back, house wash, exterior windows, and this was the first time I had ever done oxidation removal but it turned out great. We were done in 6 hours including drive time, me and 1 other guy.

4 gpm pressure washer on a trailer 150 ft hose x jet system.

Tucker cart 35’ wfp

1 van and 1 truck lol. I’m good on equipment for what I’m doing


I don’t know if this is still helpful, but we include gutters with our housewashes, but just the house wash mix typically. If the gutters need “hand scrubbing” we throw 1 part bleach, 1 part water into a bucket, a squirt of dawn, and use this brush to get gutters up to 2 stories from the ground since it threads onto an extension pole. It’s always an upcharge.

The rag clipped to it helps hold the soap without slopping it around and the brush gives us a surface to scrub with. 1 swipe one way, 1 swipe the other and let it dwell for about 10 minutes before we rinse it down. Works beautifully for us. Fast and effective.