Anyone have a used or a way to purchase gunslinger on sale??

Wanna try one to see (and I’ll probably like it) but 100 bucks on a gamble is rough. LIke to try one out first. Seen reach it had 25% off and that’s only deal I have seen


I’ve got two. One is a replacement because the stitching broke on the first one and the color faded from nice blue digi-camo to a purple/pink in a month. I’ve had problems with water sloshing out too; gotta put a sponge in the bottom. The design is awesome, I never want to use another plastic BOAB again (rarely used one before because I can’t stand them). That being said, I would not buy another one from Reach-It. I feel bad for the original designer, Richie Blue. Hopefully, he can get out of whatever he’s locked into and have someone with integrity take over manufacturing. It’s not worth the gamble that you’ll get one that doesn’t leak and has good stitching.




Well Chris I thank you for those and now I think I’ll stick to my pulex bucket


If you use a lot of different mops/squeegees the Gunslinger is worth it. Defects aside, I’d get one on sale if I had to buy one again. The only problem I’ve had was sloshing, and that was solved with a sea sponge. Stitching is rock solid here after 5 months of 6 day a week use.


Pardon my ignorance, but who the hell is Tee Squeegee???


I actually got one as a gift and found it somewhat useful in certain situations. But my old school pulex that I’ve had for several years is what I have so much muscle memory with. I would sell you mine for $40 with free shipping if you want. It looks brand new still and I could send you pictures. My email is No pressure, it’s just hanging in my trailer.


I sent you an email buddy. Thank you!!



Jailbird @Joe1


Say what you will about TJ, but he is one of the most brutally honest people I know. He’s a good man and I’m grateful to be called his friend. Plus he can smoke a mean-ass baby back rib. Jus say’n…


He hosts a rated “R” podcast called Outlaw Window Cleaner Radio. Mostly a lot of random conversation with some interjections about window cleaning and special segment spoofs on unexplained phenomenon like Big Foot and such. Some enjoy it, some do not. I think they are just some guys having a bit of fun.


I’m gonna try it out from my new buddy first class, but now I’m torn when THE Richie blue tells me to beware. Need to snag an original tip jar from someone!!


My recommendation to PT would be spend less on what admittedly is slick as hell packaging, and spend the money on building it true to Richie Blue’s original design. The whole “sell the sizzle, not the steak” deal may get you more sales initially, but once people figure out the steak is tough as shoe leather, the fancy box, belt buckle, and bandana only serve as a reminder that someone sold you a piece of garbage.


Have fun with that.


That’s how it goes. It’s a hit and miss with the Reach-it products. Some guys manage to get a good one, many others do not. I have a friend that has a Reach-it pole that’s solid and I know three guys that said the clamps and brushes fell apart. The Gunslinger was designed to last years. If yours makes it past a year I’d be surprised.


Jordie…!! What’s up man…??? Long time… Hope all is well.


Hi Richie,

Yes, alls well. Hit me up tomorrow if you feel like it. I’m not usually on here.


Will do