Group homes


Has anyone had any luck getting business from companies that run group homes. I recently just did a bid for a company that has 50 homes that need window cleaning, home exterior cleaning and gutter cleaning. I have also reached out to a handful of other company’s with over 100 homes in total that could use my services. Does anyone have any experience with these types of customers.


Never heard of one company managing g that many homes.

I would image they would not want to deal with a solo company. Imagine how long it would take a solo guy to clean that amount with all those services on each home.

See what comes of the current bid you submitted and use it as a gauge for future


Not sure this is the same thing or not be here in Chicago we have a bunch of condos and apartment buildings that are tenant owned. And usually they have a reserve of cash for things like this. I do a couple of these a year and usually one owner heads it up and they pay from the reserve or they give out my name and number and they pay at a discount etc. Depending how big i ask for a 5-10 house minimum