Got the client I been eyeing for 8 years!


When I first started dating my wife, we would go horse back riding. We would pass by a house on the way to the horse ranch. Then a few years later I became a window cleaner for another company, all I wanted to do was clean this house I kept driving by, after falling in love with window cleaning.

Now owning my own business and with busting my ass and word of mouth a long long ways. I got the job I wanted. It’s not like a 50 million dollar job, but it was a goal!!

The harder I work, the more I push, the moral goals I accomplish. Things are getting even better, I have jobs booked every day, I do a cleaning before going to work at my part time job that I’m currently at 50 hours per week…

I bought a utility shell for my truck, we bought a house (sale pending 32/60 days left), getting lots of jobs, kids are healthy, alive, loud, the wife is also health, alive, loud! :slight_smile:

Thank you all so much for all the advice, good, bad, annoying. :slight_smile:

Get cleaning and stay safe my fellow window cleaners!


congrats, love those moments


Nice work. Networking is a game and it sounds like you played it well. Now you have to identify another house or customer and figure out how you can get them to call you. I’m getting closer to a customer that I’ve wanted for the last couple of years.


As soon as I attachéd my new utility shell clients saw me as a “real” business. Lol funny how they say that.

Anyway I always want my grand parent in laws neighborhood, I now wash 8 houses on that strip, I needed to get 5 more of them to have them all.
We this year I booked 4 of them, however, they rush built 60 houses on the new area they leveled out… that’s good and bad news! Mostly good! Muwhahhahaa and that’s the town we are moving to for our new house! Buwhahahaha! Mine all mine, I gotta catch them all!


Good work man!


And now this just keeps going! I’m going to get spoiled and then all of a sudden I will be dead and wonder, WHAT?!?!?

And 3 more weeks till I get to show my next spoiler for my family!!