Good reads


Anyone here got any good book recommendations? I’ve already read Profit First, loved it. Also read 10x rule, pumpkin plan and Jump by steve Harvey. All pretty good too. Just wondering if you guys had any other suggestions. Got an audible membership for Christmas so I get a free book every month.


Here one of the best and from one of our own!!


Millionare next door is also good.


Ah yes forgot, read window cleaning blueprint too. Sitting right next to my desk right now actually haha. I’ll look into the other though. Thanks!


I loved “the elegant universe” by Brian green. Excellent into to quantum mechanics.

Also anything by Terry Pratchett.


I’m reading The Big Leap right now. So far it’s amazing. I would recommend it!!!


Anything by Michael Lewis. My favorites are Moneyball, Flash Boys, and The Big Short.


Expert secrets, Russell Brunson