Good Quality Sticks


Just got these sticks delivered today from WCR.
Always used Garlick sticks , but after 20 years of winter, an freezing sticks I’ve decided to buy something different.
These Ettore sticks feel really nice. Little heavier than the Garlick, but seem to be good quality.


Heavier than an Unger pole but I prefer them. Stiffer.


We use that one for our route work the weight I.M.O. is great for pole work. We also have the small 2ft one works wonders under the neon signs and upper door windows.

Here is the smaller one


I just ordered new Unger poles myself. Always used Ettore and still do. I found the 3 piece 12’ to be pretty heavy to use, but durable. I’m hoping the Ungers will be worth the money spent. I figured with the tax changes going on next years books, it was good to get my supplies on this years books.


Ya I have a 2 Piece 8’ Unger. I like it , but just wanted to try something different. So I’ll use these mainly in the winter , then it’s back to my Garlick.


The only poles we use in freezing weather that do not have clamp slip are Unger Nlite aluminum poles. Used them down to - 39 F.

How to stop your solution freezing!

Now that’s cold.


What did you use for solution that didn’t freeze at that temp?


Hey @Majestic66

Mike I have there short pole I believe it’s the 4’ or 5’ it’s a nice pole seems solid, let me know how those 12’ hold out this winter.


99.99% alcohol


At those temperatures Fahrenheit and Celsius are the same.




I prefer ettore gear but I like the moerman poles better.




The interlocs suck. Collars and handles come off. JB weld will not hold them either.

The moerman pole is like the Unger but fits ettore better.


How do you think the Sorbo pole would stand up to freezing temps, in regards to the collar?


Never used the sorbos.


Sorry Jared I meant to say Moerman pole.


I’d think it’d be fine. It’s almost like the unger poles, but with an ettore friendly tip. Feels good.


I have to order one and give it try thanks Jared.